Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun in the Sun....finally!

Our first group of the summer is finally here! AWANA scholarship camp is a nice week for us. These kids are always so respectful and well behaved. They earn their way to scholarship camp by memorizing TONS of scripture. The night before they arrived we had a humongous thunder and lightening storm-and it POURED! Today is the first "warm" day we have had since the girls and I got to camp!! It is usually SO hot all summer, so the refreshing cool weather was a treat, but Lindsay has been dying to go to the "beach". Today she got her wish. Shannon (one of our main leaders) took her swimming-out to the dock.
After a while Shannon had to make dinner for 400 so Lindsay did her 2nd favorite thing...played in the sand. But after a few minutes she was "a wittle bit hungry".

She decided to pay a visit to the Snow Shack to get a soft pretzel with cheese.(usually she gets shaved ice, but the water is so cold I guess she opted for a warmer snack). She even waited in line behind the campers (which is great for her, usually she just walks in!).

Yep, I am mother of the she is eating the ENTIRE pretzel and washing it down with a soda about an hour before dinner! Anna was nowhere in sight, later we saw that she had gone to the AWANA craft area and had made $10 worth of crafts! I am so thankful to have another candle and especially the beautiful leather "cuff" bracelet she made me that says "Mom" on it!
Lindsay was absolutely thrilled to get mail today! (it really is a big deal to get mail, I have to admit I always hope there is something for me, and I got a package from my Texas SIL, yellow box flip flops! What a nice surprise!) Lindsay got a letter from her all time-sobbed when he left-best buddy EVER, Micah! He is working at a camp on Hilton Head this summer and she tells everyone " I just know Micah will come back!"

Look how she is listening to Shae read the sweet letter to her!

This is Lindsay's favorite spot. She calls it "jail". She looks out the windows into the back yard as people are walking by and shouts "Hewoe!" The offices are just around the corner, so I can constantly remind her to stay upstairs, and I hear her if she starts to escape!

We are so thankful for all the rain we have had along with the cool weather, but today was a fun day to be at the beach, soaking up some welcome sun.

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Donna said...

Sweet Lindsey! I love your stories about her. I'm glad she got a letter from her friend! How cute!! I loved her face while Shae was reading the letter. How many times has she "read" the letter?!

Julie said...

Glad it is finally warm enough for the beach!! I absolutely love your posts from camp! Feels like I'm right there with you!! I do plan to come up with Mike and Romona this summer.

Denise said...

That looks like so much fun. A cool day at camp sounds good. It is blazing hot here!

Dolly said...

I too feel like I'm right there at camp with you all. Keep the updates coming. It brings back lots of camp memories. That's sweet too that Anna made you a leather cuff bracelet that says, "Mom". hahhaha! I know you'll never want to take it off. So sweet!

Kristi said...

What a neat getaway for your family. It is like being on a several month vacation. How fun!!!! Keep the pics and posts coming so we can live vicariously through you.