Sunday, June 7, 2009

Phew...Time to Slow Down

I am so glad that school is out. These last few weeks have been so busy, we are all tired. It is time to take a break and smell some of these:
This little girl wasted no TIME getting packed up to hit the road up to camp for the summer! {Look at all the dolls}

Here she is literally 10 minutes after she got home on the last day of school! (we made sure Scott didn't look in the back seat!! Haha)

Lindsay got out of school the day after Shae and Anna, so Shae and I headed over to watch the 5th grade promotion in Lindsay's classroom.
The Three Muskateers {the only girls in a class of 15}.

Shae and Lindsay watching the awards. Lindsay LOVES to sit on laps...she is 5 feet tall now, so it is a little more challenging, but, none of us mind :)

The 5th graders being promoted to .....middle school.....sniff sniff! (see how tall that girl is??)

{Always has a smile on her face.}
Wow, the certificate is right side up and everything!

One project I completed this week was the wall hanging for Shae's bedroom. I ordered the vinyl Audrey Hepburn saying on line. ( I knew what I wanted and it took a while to get it designed with the fonts, but it was worth all the e mails!) After it came, Scott got a piece of thin wood, whitewashed it, sanded it and I was ready to apply the letters. It took FOREVER to prime the vinyl and then FOREVER again, to adhere them to the board. I was tickled pink with the results. Scott drilled 2 holes in the top of the board and I added ribbon to hang it with.
On to the next baby is turning 10 on Friday and we are having a Birthday shindig at camp with all the staff! Guess I won't be smelling many roses this week either!
It is so nice to have everyone out of school and be able to be on a more "relaxed" schedule. My parents came into town (for the summer, they have an apartment at camp). While they were making a pit stop at my house on Thursday, Lindsay got in their back seat and said she was going to camp with them. I tried to tell her we needed to wait until I was going up, but the chin began to quiver and the tears began to fall.....needless to say, she was up there all weekend!
Thanks Grandma, Grandpa, Anna and Daddy for taking care of Lindsay! I had a FUN weekend with my big girl (who is now a senior) attending graduation and going out to lunch, just the two of us!

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Donna said...

LOL at all the dolls Anna took with her to camp! Aren't you so glad that she still plays with them? I played Barbies until I was 11...I think it's a "Youngest child" thing.

Loved the pics of Lindsey's promotion. And the wall plaque is so cute! Way to go, Inger!!

Momofgirls said...

Yes! I love that Anna still loves dolls! Kids (especially girls) grow up too fast! Shae NEVER played with dolls or Barbies...Anna is a school marm", a"nurse", an "adoption agency lady" and a "church nursery coordinator" on a regular basis!! (and boy is it a bonus for Lindsay, she LOVES playing with Anna-miss organized and creative)