Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flames Football

Today was 105 degrees...Happy Fall, huh? Scott and I got the kids off to school and went out on the patio boat for lunch, so I am sunburned and tuckered out! I will do my "Sunday at Thomas Road" post tomorrow.
For now, here are some cute football pictures I HAD to post!
Papa and his future Liberty girl.
Stephanie and Barry (I sorta hate them for how photogenic they ALWAYS are!!)
Brad and Beckie (ditto on the previous comment...except for this picture of Brad!)
Lindsay did better than I expected during the game. She LOVED it, could have been the popcorn, soda, funnel cake, pizza and M&Ms though.
Two adorable couples:
Jenn Dangc (my life-saver, babysitter, who grew up here in Redding)& Joseph Parra (her boyfriend! :))with Kenny and Amanda Pate. (poor Kenny, Scott talked his ear off about flying and airplanes...he is a pilot too!!)

Wish I was going to another LU game next weekend! I need to work on getting Scott to want to move to Lynchburg!
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The Beaverette said...

K so I am super glad you are back and had a fabulous time. Now I need to see you! I starting up the blog again after the summer off. Wish me luck. You are such an inspiration! Love Jennifer

Jennifer said...

Inger, I'm just now catching up on all your Lynchburg posts. What a great time you guys had! And you guys have so many friends still there...that says a lot about you. Love the story about the college guy driving to see Lindsay - he will be a great husband one day to someone! HA HA I'm so glad you got to meet some fellow bloggers. Sure wish I could have been there too...would love to meet you and your sweet family. Oh, and so glad Shae loved it there. It sounds like she will fit in just perfectly there!