Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday in Lynchburg

Shae got the "token" picture with Jonathon Falwell (I have one of me at her age with his Dad!)
Here is Macel with The Luff Family. The Falwell kids and Luff kids did most of their growing up together while their Dads were out "saving" the masses!
Jonathon is a gifted pastor, just like Jerry was!
Gordon led HIS chorale in "Jesus is Still the Answer", they did a beautiful job. What a blessing for all of them to be together on stage singing like they did so many times 30 years before!

Gordon did a great job! The TRBC worship was AWESOME too! What a song leader! I have listened to the CD of their team every day since we have been home! How I would love to be there every Sunday! I leaned over to Shae during the service and said "Can you believe you get to come to church here EVERY Sunday if you go to Liberty?!"
Gordon and Dottie and all their kids (Scott and Barry look like they are leaning back, and Steph and I look like we are leaning forward..and what a weird arrangement-did anyone bother to pose us? THIS is why I am a "picture control freak!")
Our dear friends (via Scott's parents), Glenn and Betty Wright. Their son lived with us while he was going to school in Redding, Shae adored him! She was 3! I learned all about teenagers back then! Chris was a good teacher!
We went out to dinner with our college roommates...Julie and Scott Lawrenson. Isn't that fun that we all got married??!!
Lindsay LOVES it when "our whole family is together", so she hated for the aunts and uncles to leave. She told Brian to bring her cousins next time!
Sweet Laurie Leigh, my sister-in-law was with me when Shae and Anna were born (I loved it, I am an only child!)
She was teaching in Korea when Lindsay was born, but God knew best, because she was home when Lindsay got so sick. I could not have made it without her! She stayed with us in Sacramento the whole time Lindsay was hospitalized and she lived at our house to help us once we got home! She handled the 14 medications Lindsay was on like a pro, did the feeding tube and got right in there with all the therapists. She helped me to accept this "new life" with a brain injured child that we had to learn.
I am so grateful for her godly influence and unconditional love for my girls! (and for me and her big brother too!)

We had a wonderfully blessed Sunday!!
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Katie said...

Thank you thank you for your sweet words. I really needed to hear them today. You are right, it IS amazing how GOD draws us closer to Him through our pain.

I am praying, too, that GOD will show Jason and me His purposes through Reese's life.

Katie said...

I forgot to mention...The rings can be found at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry section. Yes, I punch a hole in each card and hang it on the ring. I tie ribbons (of all different lengths) between every ten or so cards.

HPS said...

Inger! I've loved reading all your Lynchburg posts. It looks like ya'll had a GREAT time. I wish I could've met you while you were on the "east side". I tell you what, woman, LU needs to hire you pronto as their VP of Development!!!!!! If I was on the steering committe, I'd pick you hands down. That might be your calling!

Denise said...

Inger your pictures are all so nice. Especially that sweet baby! :)

Striving to be better. said...

Wow! All the Lynchburg pictures made me miss college but they also made me miss Gordon and Dottie.

Jennifer said...

I agree with HPS...LU needs to pay you for all the promoting you've been doing here lately! Good posts, Inger. It sounds like you had a great time in Lynchburg. And look at you...hanging with the VIP's. Tell Shae it might come in handy to know the Falwells next year when she's up just never know.

By the way, I just connected the dots on your SIL. Kristi Smalley's sister just posted pictures of her high school reunion on Facebook and your SIL was in them. So, when I looked at these pictures I saw her and thought I recognized her face. It's all coming back to me now...I vaguely remember hearing about the connection from Kristi. What a small world!

Oh, and LOL at HPS's comment about steering funny.

Donna said...

Jennifer, now I"m singing Celine Dions, "It's all coming back, it's all coming back to me now...."!

Yes, Inger, you need to be in the Development dept of LU. I think you may just be it's number one fan!

Loved seeing some familiar faces in this post! It looks like you all had a wonderful time visiting. And I"m partial to Lynchburg, too. It's a great place!!