Monday, September 21, 2009

Go LU Flames!

Saturday was a busy day for us in Lynchburg. There was a BBQ at the mansion on campus. It was fun to have a chance to relax and visit with everyone!

The most precious thing that happened that day was a surprise for Lindsay! Her most favorite camp staffer ever drove 8 hours to Lynchburg from Georgia!! (he used to go to LU, but is now at Emory).
This is the face of PURE JOY!!
When he left camp 2 summers ago, we were ALL in tears watching the painful goodbye...she has never stopped talking about "my best buddy, Micah." What a treat for her!
They hung out and played all afternoon! How many college boys would do such a precious thing for a child like Lindsay? It truly meant the world to her (and us!). Thank you , Micah, for your kindness to Lindsay! Your crown in heaven will have some special "purple" jewels!
The best part of the weekend was getting to see friends we haven't seen in forever! Debbie Miller and Susan DeWitt are two fun girls I was so happy to see!
We had a time of rememberance at Dr. Jerry Falwell's memorial. What a touching tribute to him, and it is so nice that the students are able to go there and see it. He was a true Champion for Christ."
The lawn at the mansion was a beautiful spot for pictures, and my children were somewhat cooperative!

Saturday night was the Flames' first home game of the season. There was a record number of fans there- 16,000!! It was so cool to see all the students tailgating in the parking lots all over campus! EVERYONE was wearing red-soooo much school spirit!
We had to get the proper attire for the game!!

Go L-U!!
This girl felt a peace flood over her about heading off to Liberty next year. To be honest, so did I! It is VERY far away, but I can't think of a better place to send my precious girl. There are sooo many of our friends living in Lynchburg, I know she will be looked after!! I honestly don't know how my parents put me (their only child) on a plane in San Diego knowing I would be on the other side of the country! But boy am I glad they did!
(and it is only a flight away-I will come visit!)
Aunt Lisa and Shae
The Luff clan...eating everything in sight! What IS it about being at a football game that makes you want to eat so much??!! (and I should say that I hate them all for being able to eat like that with no consequences!)
We were so glad to hang out with our wonderful friend, Tom DeWitt during the game...just like old times when Scott and I were at LU!!

See why we are still recovering from the reunion weekend?! We NEVER stopped!!

Are you sick and tired of these reunion posts yet? Don't worry, we are almost finished!
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Kim said...

not sick of the posts, loving them!

Katie said...

Love all your pics!

Yes, Z is wonderful therapy for me. ; )

Nikki said...

Not sick of the Lynchburg posts! Just waiting for a pic of Shae & Josh! :)

OK, I am all choked up about the story of sweet Micah coming to visit Lindsay. The picture of the 2 of them sitting on the wall talking was so sweet! PRECIOUS!

Dolly said...

Love seeing your reunion pics. It's funny that you know so many of the same people we know. It's such a small world!

I'm so glad Shae (and you) have such a peace about LIberty. I'm partial because I graduated from there but it's seriously THE PLACE to go! Loved it! And now you'll be visiting more! YEah!

Momofgirls said...

Nikki.... I will e mail you the picture unless Shae says it is okay to post it!! Heehee, she would LOVE to kill me!!

Dolly, I am partial too...I am proud to be a Liberty Grad!!