Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Fun

Shae's High School has a Spiritual Emphasis Retreat every year at the beginning of school. They go to this awesome camp (called Lassen Pines!). Shae always signs me up to drive a load of kids up there (which I don't mind, cause I get to see Scott!). Driving on field trips and volleyball games has made it possible for me to really get to know the kids she goes to school with...which I LOVE!
The HS Principal is so wonderful! He is one of the most tenderhearted, sweet, soft spoken and spiritual men I have ever been around. The kids love him!! (and not just because he legalized *gasp* jeans and flip flops!!) Here is a table of seniors on the day I went back to pick them up. They were all so happy and had been touched spiritually, tears and all!

I made the kids who rode in my car pose for a picture (don't worry, they are used to it!!). We had 2 of the foreign exchange students with us! One from Korea and one from Germany!

While Dad and Shae were gone for three days, these two made sugar cookies...with absolutely NO HELP from me! I was busy getting everyone packed for our trip this week.

Then when Dad came home (and Shae left for the weekend to go to the coast with Maeghan and her family), we left Lindsay with him and "moneybags" and I hit a cute gelato and cupcake place in town called "Sweet Spot".

The chalkboard walls entice me to try having them somewhere at home...but I don't think I would like the chalk dust!
(Jenn...I took pictures for you!! There were only 2 mini cupcakes left that night!)

We enjoyed our night out, our gelato, and Anna got a new book to read on the loooooong plane ride to Virginia! Indian in the Cupboard has a sequel... who knew??!!

And, just so it isn't all about the girls around here. Scott's new BFF got his own room! N344tx is now a plane that resides in a hangar!

Scott was saying how it is big enough for a couch, recliner, etc....awesome! Maybe the deer head hanging in his office at home can live there too!
Gotta go finish packing for the big Lynchburg trip! Can't wait to see you Lynchburg girls soon!!

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Dolly said...

Whooohoooo! We finally get to meet Inger! It's so exciting that you're coming to Lynchburg. That's what I love about these blogs...they really bring people together in so many ways. Have a great week and can't wait to meet you on Thursday! HOpe I get to meet all your sweet girls too!

Laurie said...

Have fun in Lynchburg Inger.

Nikki said...

The Luffs are coming to the Burg...WHOO HOO! Cant wait!

I bet Shae's friends love you and I bet they were all fighting to ride in your car. Oh how I remember the 1 hour drive from the camp to school(is it 1 hour?). We lived at the camp year round so we had to do that drive everyday!

I am laughing that you called Anna "moneybags". That cupcake place looks so cute.

I have a huge chalkboard in my kitchen and I love it. You should do it!

Kristi Smalley said...

When are you going to Lynchburg? You lucky girl, you. Is your husband flying you all there? Have a great time seeing all the blog peepers!