Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

We spent Father's Day at camp again this year. Our first group of the summer arrived today, so it was a busy day for the "dads" around here!
Scott was busy all day, but we did get to have dinner with him!
Emmaline and Anna made a special cake and cupcakes with homemade frosting for the occasion...without ANY help! {and they were de-lish!}
We had 400 campers for dinner...can you tell Lindsay was VERY distracted by them? She LOVES spaghetti night, too...;) I love it when she sits with Papa, he always cleans her up when she is finished!
Jenn and Shae made Scott a special Redding Airport Runway cake complete with the airplane and the 3-4 runway marked! "Cake Boss" here they come!!! Hahaha!
My girls are so blessed to have not only a godly father, but two grandfathers who have given them a godly heritage! We are so fortunate to have their influence during the whole summer too! My parents come from Phoenix, Arizona to spend their summers at camp. My dad and Scott's dad have the most amazingly beautiful green grass everywhere...and Scott cringes when he gets the water bill! As I am typing this, I hear Scott's Dad preaching to the staff downstairs. What a way to spend a summer!! Blessed I tell ya!
Here are all 4 of the grandparents. How I LOVE my mom to be here...Lindsay hangs out with her I am so thankful for grandmas who babysit!

Happy Father's Day to the wonderful Fathers in our lives! We love you so very much and we are very thankful for you!!

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belovedtattoo said...

i love lindsay's hair like that :) what a pretty girl!
glad camp has started well. miss it and you guys alot!