Wednesday, June 9, 2010


When I open my bathroom blinds in the mornings, I am greeted by the most beautiful, happy sight!
The take almost NO effort to grow.
I love that they faithfully show their beautiful faces every summer!
It's like a little "taste of southern" right here in California!

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Kim said...

I tried to get one to grow at my house and failed. You are lucky! If you can get one to grow at my house I would be very happy!

Jenn said...

Me too Kim. My mom had big beautiful one at her home when I was a little girl..Tried a couple of times. I cant get it to grow either.

Brittney said...

Did you know that my dirt here - IN THE SOUTH- is too acidic for hydrangeas to grow! I am and have been so jealous of those bushes! Lucky! :)