Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shae's Senior Trip

Shae and her class spent their last official week of high school in the Virgin Islands! They do fund raisers for 4 years to be able to pay for it. This year Shae was so busy with volleyball she missed out on some of the fund raising opportunities so she sold some stuff on EBay and made $500 to make up the difference!
The kids left the school parking lot at 11:30 pm on a bus to catch their 6:00 am flight out of San Fransisco. They had a 4 hour layover in Miami before arriving in St. Thomas at 8:00 pm! I think you have to be young to travel like that!
Shae went on and on about the delicious food in the Virgin Islands! Her favorite thing was "the BEST red velvet cake ever!"
They swam in the crystal clear water.
They endured 110% humidity! Those California kids are NOT used to ANY humidity!
They toured ruins, took "a five hour hike" (when Shae was telling me this on the phone, Mr. Borden was shouting "2 hour hike!!!") Shae might be a little bit of an exaggerator!
They shopped a little and did a missions day cleaning up a beach in the pouring down rain.
They saw Blackbeard's castle...
and drank LOTS of yummy smoothies!

What a beautiful place to spend a week with your friends!
They stayed the first night in a hotel in St. Thomas before moving to St. John to stay at a "camp ground". The accommodations weren't what they had expected, at all. The "cottages" were 2 brick walls and 2 screen walls. It was miserably hot at night and they all got eaten alive by bugs...even with bug spray on.
They all had such great attitudes about the whole thing and were able to embrace the experience!
The night of graduation, during the all night party, Mr. Borden (their beloved teacher and his wife were the chaperons during the trip) handed each one of the kids a graduation card from Nancy, their Joshua Expeditions tour guide. INSIDE WAS THE MOST PRECIOUS LETTER! She went on and on about "her kids" and how they had the best attitudes, were flexible and that they never complained. She said they were the sweetest, most gracious group she had ever had! She couldn't believe there was NO drama at all! She said that EVERYONE who met this group had the same thing to say! The bus driver, the local tour bus driver, the restaurant staff, etc.
This comes as no surprise to me.
Shae walked in the door at home at 3am. I am so glad we left a car at school for her!
Lindsay couldn't wait to get into Shae's bed the next morning! She missed her terribly, which makes me wonder how she will cope with her big sister being all the way in Virginia next year!
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