Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Company

This week has been so fun. We had the chance to make dinner for some of our good friends from SoCal. The Cardwells come to camp every summer for a week of vacation, so it was fun to visit with them at home! Scott, Donna, Rachel, Charles and Sarah came through Redding on their way to Sun River, Oregon for Christmas. Scott's parents, Ralph and Geri, came too. They are some of Gordon and Dottie's very best friends. {too bad they were in Dallas for the holidays and missed them!}
The pressure was on!!! Dottie has told me so many stories about how Geri made the most delicious food and helped her learn how to be a good wife and mother. Gordon travelled a lot (or had youth activities going on) so Dottie was frequently invited to The Cardwells with her 3 boys (she later had Laurie and Brad!) for a meal and a little break. She told me that Geri always sent her home with wonderful hand me down clothes and toys AND leftover food packed up! She appreciated Geri's kind friendship and godly example so much.
I tried to fix a pretty table...but I was sure missing my SIL, Laurie! She is the Master at tablescapes!
I used a white boa on the light fixture and hung some ornaments too. {and I fully expected my husband to make some comment like, "Did a goose fly into our light?" But, he refrained.}
Anna and I made sugar cookies and she made Pioneer Woman's "Texas Sheet Cake" It was De-lish!
Lindsay asked all day long "when are the Cardwells going to get here?" and "are they going to bring their dog, Sneakers?" One summer the Cardwells brought Lindsay a little stuffed bear (in her hand in this picture) she has slept with it ever since and it is named, "Sneakers". She was THRILLED when they showed up with the REAL Sneakers!
Poor baby had back surgery just after Thanksgiving, so she had to be kept still!
The kids enjoyed eating at their own table and catching up. These kids are SO nice to Lindsay, it is no wonder she loves them so...
And we adults had a wonderful visit too! Shae was busy working at Bath and Body Works in the VERY busy mall, so she missed out on all the fun! {But, looks like she will be able to pay some of her school bill for next semester~yay~}
The rest of our Christmas break has been pretty chill. Lindsay plays with her blocks and watches public television (Yay for Clifford!) while Anna goes from one friend's house to another then basketball practice at night. I cook, clean, wash clothes, wrap get the picture...Scott is very busily working on a precious gift for Lindsay for Christmas! The sawdust is somehow ALL OVER my kitchen floor!

Only 2 more days!

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Amy said...

OMG....I laughed out loud about the Goose comment......that is so totally something that Clay would say. I'm afraid he wouldn't refrain....he speaks his mind way too freely sometimes! Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!!