Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Two Special Birthdays

{Scott's mom, Lindsay and my mom}
Today is my precious Mom's birthday! How blessed I have been to have been raised by such a selfless, giving and fun woman.
She does so much for others, she always has. My Mom has been quite a role model for me and I really, really appreciate it now that I am a mother myself. She has loved me like no one ever could. It took her nine years and many surgeries to even have a baby (and here I am!) She LOVES my girls...I mean LOVES them!
Her 36 years of teaching Kindergarten certainly prepared her for grandchildren! She and Lindsay have an especially close bond. She came to stay with us after Lindsay's illness and subsequent brain injury. She rocked that baby and loved on her like only a grandma could.
She has been a wonderful part of my children's lives and I am so thankful that they know her so well!
My mom has taught me to overcome difficulties with laughter and grace.

How blessed I am to have such a wonderful Mama! I will be forever grateful that God gave me to you! I love you!
Happy Birthday!!

My sweet husband shares the same birthday as my mom! December 8th must be reserved for special people.
I am so thankful to have found this guy who would become my husband and the very wonderful father of our three girls. What a patient and selfless man!

I can't even imagine how it must have felt that day that the third girl came along...
Scott has always been so good to his own mother and now he is to the rest of his girls too! God created him with an extra dose of patience and love to be able to live with 4 females! I do believe that Daddys that have all girls are a special breed.
There couldn't be a more patient, hands-on,
Oh how blessed are the lucky girls who get to call you Daddy and have you as their protector and guide through this world.
The way you serve others and give without reserve is an inspiration to all of us!
You were the gift on December 8th!
{you always make the ordinary days fun for the girls...even the girl dog :) }
and I am so glad to be riding down life's road with you!
Happy Birthday! I love you XOXO
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Amy said...

What a precious birthday tribute!! My mom shares a BD with Chris....she said he was her best BD present ever. ;-)

Pauline said...

Inger, you are such a blessing in my life!

Dolly said...

Very sweet Tribute Inger! Happy birthday to three very special people in your life!