Wednesday, December 15, 2010

O' Happy Day!

Shae Marrin Luff is about to walk in this door any minute! We are so excited! Scott flew to Sacramento to pick her up in the plane, so the wait won't be too long this time! She got bumped from her flight out of Lynchburg (and got a $400 travel voucher~good girl!) so she is late getting in.
I hurried to finish decorating my Texas tree before she gets here or I would never hear the end of it! I put the little trees on the porch today too...but my off center front door is making hanging the garland difficult!
I usually do the formal tree in the living room but this year I wanted to have the mantle match the silvery the western decor had to move to the living room...AND I got this beautiful and HUGE real tree from the Redding Christian junior class fund raiser and it needed a big space!
I just wasn't feeling real creative or inspired this year, but I did what I could.
I brought back that yummy Christmas-y smelling candle from the most awesome WoodWick candle outlet in Virginia! {I hope Shae went there before she got all packed to come home!}
My sister-in-law, Laurie, keeps me up to date with all things "Texas-y" since she is lucky enough to still live there!
The tree is so big that my shot gun shell lights and chili pepper lights looked a little skimpy, so I borrowed some rope from Scott (I said, the dirtier the better!)
My sister-in-law, Lisa, sent me this darling Texas Santa last year!
My kitchen only has a few festive things this year, including (another Laurie gift), this snowman candy dish that no one has noticed has M&Ms in..hee hee!
and one of my favorite things, the "Believe" blocks!
The teacher gifts are wrapped and ready...(aprons with their names embroidered on each one and a $10 Starbucks giftcard.
I got these darling stickers from Expressionery.
Lindsay made this magnet for me at school last year. I love his little face, he reminds me a little bit of Lindsay!
Last but not least, here is what is making our house smell good tonight! Fresh baked rolls for my college girl!
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Amy said...

OMG.....those rolls look delish! And I must say, I just totally LOVE your Texas tree....soooooo cool!