Friday, December 10, 2010

Plays, Parties and Players...

December has been so busy for us!
Anna was the narrator for the annual Christmas chapel at school. She was FLAWLESS and not one bit nervous. She waited for the applause to stop before introducing each act and spoke loudly and clearly the entire time!

She had to put her microphone down though, in order to perform in her 6th grade class dance!
The kids all did a great job and it always makes me feel so blessed to be a part of the Redding Christian School community!
That same day was the 5th and 6th grade field trip to The Cascade Christmas performance downtown at the Cascade Theater. It was fun being a driver for this one!

I had a car full of sweet girls. I always love to hear their conversations!
It was PACKED...and COLD downtown! I think every school in Redding had kids at the performance that day.
But the BEST ones were the ones from Redding Christian!
After the performance we had the chance to go out for lunch.
It was a fun and festive day.

But the night before all that holiday fun.....
Apolo Anton Ohno came to Redding for a book signing!
"Apolo is waaaaaaaaaay cooler!"

In the midst of all of the holiday busy-ness, we are deeply involved in
6th grade girls' basketball season. Anna has really stepped it up a notch and is the high scorer on her team! God bless Sweet David Van Dyke for his patience in coaching girls!

Lindsay has had a great week! First her special ed. class had the annual field trip to the Elks Lodge for a Christmas party where she got a humongous teddy bear from Santa. {well, she "waited at the table" while someone went to get her gift for her}. They always put on the nicest party and she gets to see lots of friends that have moved on to different schools and some of her teachers from earlier years.

Even with Ben she wasn't about to get too close to Santa! It was so funny...Ben would jump up and down clapping his hands with excitement while trying to talk her into going up there! When he finally got her to at least walk that way, he totally walked right up to the front of the line and cut in front of about 25 other kids in wheelchairs, etc. Hahahahahaha!

In the midst of the crazy schedule around here, I was able to get my house somewhat decorated. The girls and I have our bedroom trees up too, but I still have to do our Texas tree.
This year I did the fancier tree in the family room and I love the simple white lights! I used apocathary jars with silver and white beads and balls and "shopped" around the house for all my crystal and silver accessories. { I remembered all the "House of Design" ideas!!}
{please notice the folded laundry on the ottoman!}

I didn't even try to "stage" my pictures...can you tell?
Here is poor Scott trying to watch the news,
And here is the busy 6th grade girl toiling over that math homework!
Shae comes home on the 15th and we cannot wait!

Tonight it's Christmas music, tree decorating, hot chocolate and movies!
Happy Weekend!
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Kim said...

Busy, busy holi-DAYS! Love seeing what the Luff's are up to. Enjoy the holiday season!

Amy said...

I know you can't wait for Shae to get home. Chris is coming home on the 15th too!!