Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Milestone

Lindsay's development has been delayed (very delayed) in almost every area. She is years behind on just about everything, and with each year the gap between her and "regular" kids gets bigger. Most of her delays add to her unbelievable cuteness! One thing that has just cracked us up is the fact that she could never close her eyes (when you asked her to). She would either cover them with her hands or open her mouth!!Here she is demonstrating the "old way" she closed her eyes. (Scott isn't doing it right!)

*exciting milestone for us*
Thank you, Lord, for the small stuff!!



Jennifer said...

LOVE IT!!!! What a great "little" accomplishment for sweet Lindsay!

Catching up on your posts. Those lake pictures were unbelievable...absolutely gorgeous!

Love Shae's new room too...she has good taste like her mama! :)

Have a great week!

Rachel said...

Oh how exciting for her!! I love LOVE the pictures to go with it, she is seriously so cute!


HPS said...

YEAH Lindsay! That is so exciting. She looks so proud of herself.

Dolly said...

Oh Inger, this kind of gave me tears in my eyes. What a sweet day and I know it made you happy! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Beckie Luff said...

Those pics of Scott and Lindsay are too cute! He sure is a great daddy! The girls are blessed to have him!

Anonymous said...

Those little milestones are just too precious...I'm so with you. Everyone of them is a gift. She is adoreable.

Love reading your blog.
Laurie H

Donna said...

How sweet!!! That was a good post:)