Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Mom, can I paint my room?"

Shae has been wanting to paint her room for soooo long. We finally agreed. She chose her color {grey?!}, bought the paint and rounded up her helpers (thanks, Jenn and Shannon!)
Here they are getting started. We left...went out to dinner, Barnes and Noble , Macy's and Target. We stayed out as long as we could hoping it would be finished when we returned.
Here is Mr. "looks like it is gonna be too dark.." checking it out before we left. My husband should run a hospital, he LOVES white! He would be happy if we never hung anything on the walls too!
Tiffany boxes are always a nice accent piece!
I Shae's magnetic has about 4 layers of fabric on is barely "magnetic" any more since we have changed her room (and the fabric on it to match) so many times!
Here is the finished paint job..I am trying to talk Dad into doing some crown moulding now!
Surprisingly NOT too dark. It turned out very classy, she loves it (and THAT is what really matters!)
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Kim said...

Nice job Shae! She must take after her mom in the crafty dept. And Scott and MY mom must be related- any wall is beautiful as long as it is painted white.

Donna said...

How exciting for her! She picked out a very mature color. And how nice that she took it on to paint it herself! Did she get any paint on the carpet?

Momofgirls said...

Donna, maybe a drop or 2 but not anything you can see! The ceiling was a different story though...she had some MAJOR touch up the next day!!

Denise said...

Very nice! I am sure they hadso much fum. You are great parents to trust them with painting a room!