Thursday, May 21, 2009

RCHS Powder Puff '09

Today was the annual RCHS Powder Puff Football game. It was the "Psychedelic Cyclones" (Seniors and Sophomores) vs. the "Fearless Flamingos" (Juniors and Freshmen). There were "cheerleaders" too. (oh, what's that you say, where are the Flamingo cheerleaders? ) Those Junior class boys.....argh! They keep telling the girls that they are planning an awesome cheer for their senior year, but as for this year...the Senior/Sophomore boys stole the half time show! Great choreography and music (and school spirit), boys!!!

Here are the Fearless Flamingos!

The Psychedelic Cyclones arrived in style...uh oh!

Look at this action shot...(click on it to get a good look at Shae's face, hahahahaha!)

Shae's class won this game two years in a row, and they were hoping for a they are getting a half time pep talk to try to come from behind!

and look at Lexi go...they did score one touchdown!

But, they ended up There is always next year..senior year...last year of high school... leaving for college after that...can't believe my baby is going to be an did you grow up so fast???
{and maybe, just maybe it won't be 90 degrees during the PP game next year!}

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