Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Love a Teacher Today!

It is National Teacher Appreciation Week! Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, so in honor of those beloved Special Education teachers Lindsay is in the care of every day, we made them special boxed lunches today. Lindsay is tickled to death whenever she gets to take a gift to someone and today was no exception!Here are the lunch boxes and special water bottles we made. I forgot to get the darling Trader Joe's lemonade bottle in the picture.
Each lunch had a turkey croissant sandwich (with mayo and mustard packets on the side), Doritos, grapes and two delicious homemade sugar cookies.

On each water bottle I attached a label with a note thanking the Teacher and aides for the countless hours of patience bestowed on my very talkative girl.
Teachers are some of the most influential people in our children's lives and we should be sure and thank them (and not just one day a year).
We have been so blessed over the years that Lindsay has had the most precious teachers and aides, especially since she is unable to attend the wonderful christian school that her sisters are so fortunate to attend. God has certainly protected her (so far) in the public school system. It is not what I had planned for my girl, but God has used her "special education" experience to give us an opportunity to minister to and show Christ to these teachers, aides and therapists .
Thank you Special Ed. teachers. for the mountains of paperwork you must conquer on behalf of my daughter, the questions you must answer over and over, the creative ways you have had to teach a kid that just "can't get it" like the others can, for reinforcing the potty training we have worked on at home, but, mostly, for choosing to work with even the least of these.
We Love You!
(Special Lunch on Friday for the other school!! And I get to be in charge!!)

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Melissa said...

You are so creative and thoughtful! Nice job!

Donna said...

Inger that is a great idea! I will definitely be using this next year. I had no idea today was TA day! Oops!! I bet all of your girls' teachers LOVE you:)

Beckie Luff said...

Speaking as a former teacher,I know they felt appreciated and loved!!!! That was very kind of you to go the extra mile to brighten their day. Not enough parents do that!!

Thanks for dinner tonight! It was nice and the boys had fun. It makes me so happy to see them playing with everyone and loving every minute of it.

Kim said...

When I get to heaven I hope I'm as crafty as you Inger. I love every little thing you do!!

Kristi said...

What a great idea, Inger! You are always thinking up something so creative!

Denise said...

Again.... I know I started a comment LAST NIGHT. I guess I got called away from the computer and never complete the comment.

Anyway, you and Nikki and Julie are so creative. One day my days will be free and I can do this stuff too. For now, my kiddos teachers got the Hello, Cupcake book.