Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had the most fun and relaxing weekend! There is something about being home and having nothing you have to do that makes you just relax!Lindsay {loves} her Daddy...can you tell?? She was asking if Chloe (Anna's BFF) could come spend the night.
He said "Yes"!

It was a fun time for these three. Lots of dressing up, playing school & giggling!

Lindsay was such a helper too, I was drying my hair and she ran in to tell me that she had unloaded the dishwasher for me! Thanks, Linds, but next time we need to run the dishwasher FIRST! I did soooo appreciate the effort though!

The girls had a nice lunch-Room Service-of course!

There was lots of Nintendo DS playing..

and movie watching! Finally these two ran out of gas and slept late the next morning!

We decided it would be fun to go out to Shasta Lake with the ski boat, so Shae invited Maeghan (and Lindsay would hardly leave her alone! It was "Maeghan this and Maeghan that, and I want to sit by Maeghan!!")

Scott let Lindsay "drive the boat"...she doesn't seem to be paying attention to what she is doing, or where she is going!

These two just wanted some "tan lines" and they kept checking to see if they were getting some!

What a beautiful day, and how relaxing to be away from the pressures of life for a few hours.

We can't be "too" out of touch with the rest of the world though!

I did get in the water, and let me tell was still cold! I don't know how they stayed in for so long!

It was a fun time with fun friends!

These girls are ready for summer...Memorial Day is such a tease...only 2 weeks of school to go and these sweeties will be {seniors}.

We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful city with such wonderful entertainment so close by!

Happy Memorial Day!
Thank you to all those who fight for our freedom and security every day!

*Can anyone tell me how to get my pictures to be closer together? Whenever I put more than like 3 pictures on a post they spread out soooo much!????!!!



Donna said...

What a nice weekend! It looks like you all had a very relaxing time. I am laughing at the pics of the girls laying out in the sun. Oh man, wouldn't it be nice if your biggest worry was if you were getting a tan and if you got that text from that boy?! hahah:)

Lindsey is so cute, too, unloading that dishwasher!!

Kim said...

I loved the pic of the girls texting over the side of the seats! So true!

Dolly said...

Wow! You DO live in a gorgeous area. I LOVE being on the lake during a holiday like that. Makes you so glad to be an American! :)

That was nice of Anna to let Lindsey hang out with her and her friend. Looks like ya'll had a nice weekend.

Dolly said...

Oh and to get your pics closer together I think you just need to backspace until they are right on top of each other when you're creating your post. Hope that makes sense.