Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School

She wanted me to take a picture of Daddy "with all his daughters"! (she is so funny, she said "Mom, your husband is home!")
Today was Shae's last "first day of school"!! (sniff..sniff...) I cannot believe she is beginning her last year of high school. What a wonderful young woman she is becoming. I pray that we can instill in her everything she will need before she leaves our home next year!! I know these next months will fly by so I am determined to savor each moment with her (and go to every volleyball game!).
Lindsay had to give one last kiss and hug to everyone before we all headed in different directions.
Shae and Anna heading to their new campus! (and don't let the fake smiles fool you, they were totally annoyed that I wanted one.more.picture.) They have a 16 minute drive this year instead of a 5 minute drive, but the new Redding Christian campus is so beautiful that they don't seem to mind getting up a smidge earlier.
Scott and I took Lindsay to her new school. She is in 6th grade this year at a new school with a new teacher! Lots of changes for a little girl with special needs! (and, there was NO aide there this morning for Lindsay! Ahhhhh! Scott told me "they'll figure it out" when I told him that I forgot to tell the teacher about Lindsay needing help unbuttoning her pants to go potty!) It is weird having to let her grow up but, at the same time trying to "protect" her!
Leslie came in and Lindsay squealed! The 3 L's are back together again! Hope the teacher knows what she is in for!!
Look at Lindsay's new teacher, she is adorable! Lindsay was thrilled to bring her a "first day of school" gift! (Shae and Anna brought gifts too...but, they kinda roll their eyes while I am explaining which teacher gets which gift and the fact that they need to carry an extra {shopping bag} to carry them doesn't help.

My opinion is, and always will be, that we should appreciate our teachers on every occasion possible....and I am a big believer in tokens of appreciation!

Happy New School Year!!
* Edited to add: I just put Lindsay to bed and after we read 2 books, talked about school and prayed, she said, "Mom, I can't wait to go back tomorrow!" {Happy Special Ed. Girl's Mommy right here!}

**and since some of you asked, the first day gifts were metal buckets filled with B&B anti-bacterial soap and lotion, notecards with their last initial on them, candles and a couple full size Hershey Bars (a girl must have her chocolate!) The male teachers got banana bread and chocolate chip cookies. I wrapped all the buckets and the goodies in the most awesome cellophane from the Dollar Store!
***I will show all the summer projects a little later (I am bringing some things to my blog buddies in Lynchburg, so I don't want them to see...)
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Kim said...

I remember all 3 of the L's from when they were at Rother years ago. Nice to see them again. How wonderful that they are still friends.

Back to school is bitter-sweet. Love that you take as many pics as I do :-)

Julie said...

Shea a senior?? Where have the years gone??? TOO FAST!!! I have such good memories of Lindsay in Junior Church!! She is sooo sweet! Anna is in 5th grade, right? WOW!!!

Julie said...

Inger, please post about your teachers' gifts!! When you said you were working on them at camp, I couldn't wait to see what they were!!

jday said...

I am sitting up in my sewing room, taking a break from making teacher gifts, when I see this post! Wow, you start school a little earlier out there! My kids start next Tuesday. Yes, please give us some ideas for teacher gifts! Nikki is probably sick of me begging her for ideas!!

You are a very blessed lady, with three beautiful girls!

Donna said...

Loved the pics!! Especially the reunion with Lucio (Sp?). How cute! So are you enjoying the time to yourself in the mornings?!

Where did this summer go? It seems like you were just making end of year gifts for teachers last week! Thanks for reminding me about the teacher gifts. I need to start thinking about what to bring Caroline's teachers in 2 weeks!!

Kristi Smalley said...

OK, you win the prize for the most giving, creative person in the blog world. I bet the teacher's LOVE to get the Luff kids in their class. I'm glad you had a great summer. I love the back-to-school pictures. Those were so sweet of Lindsay.