Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time Flies

It is hard to imagine that this time next year we will be packing Shae up and sending her off to college. I am so excited for her yet my heart aches at the thought of her being out of our house! Lindsay will have a really hard time with such a change, and that will make it even harder on all of us because when she is sad...there is NOTHING more heart breaking!

Shae, I am so excited for this year! Your SENIOR year!! Enjoy every minute, make the most of everything and STUDY HARD!! Let the Lord use you this year, be a blessing to those around you. You are a joy!!

Lindsay, this year you are in middle school, a 6th grader at a new school. I know everyone there will fall in love with you just as they have at every other school you have attended. Stay kind and loving, and be sure to push Lucio to lunch in his wheelchair without bumping him into any poles!!

Anna, my tender-hearted angel, you are a 5th grader!! Wow! I know you will obey, as always, but I am sure THIS is the year your teacher will recognize you as "Student of the Week", you have been deserving since the first day you started school, but, when you are always good, you are often overlooked. Just remember, God sees you and He keeps excellent records. You make us so proud every day.

What a pleasure to be the Mom of 3 such precious girls. I am praying for each of you as you begin another year at school. How blessed I am that you 3 are in my life! I love you!
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Julie said...

You do have three very beautiful daughters. You are blessed! I can't believe Shae is a senior. I wish time didn't go so fast!!

Angie Seaman said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog yesterday. I really appreciate it. I also wanted to get back with you and answer your questions about how I get my images so large on my blog. I wish I knew. Ha ha! I actually asked my web gal to do it for me. I paid her to go in and work her magic on reformatting the set up of it for me. :) I wish I had her intelligence and her knowledge when it comes to techie computer stuff.

Sorry I'm no help with that. Either way, thanks again for stopping by and commenting. Keep in touch. I'll do the same.

Blessings, Angie Seaman

Laurie said...

Inger, I love this picture of the girls!