Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer Camp Wrap Up

This summer was our 20th at camp. We had a hard working, wonderful staff.

Each week they had Bible Study taught by my FIL, Gordon Luff.
We had lots of games on activity nights...some involving Go-Kart races...
The Texas cousins came for 3 weeks!!
Friends came to visit, and work for the day.
Lindsay made her favorite dessert {brownies} with the help of Judy and Shannon.
and had late night snack meetings in the dining room too!
Grandma Welms and Miss Judy were faithful fans during the games (and they made lots of yummy desserts for us to enjoy too!)
and lots of things to paint! The staff served hundreds of kids over the 9 weeks by cooking, cleaning, lifeguarding, doing dishes, taking out trash and many, many other tasks all making a difference for eternity! As Gordon and Scott like to tell them, " each kid that comes here and has a nice clean cabin, a delicious meal, or good time at the beach, means that they will go to the meetings in a positive frame of mind and their hearts will be open to hear what God wants to tell them". How very true! Hundreds of decisions were made this summer that have impacted eternity! (we even had 2 of our staff girls get baptized in the lake this summer!)
I hope that this precious boy will make one of those decisions in a few years!
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Julie said...

Inger, I have soooooo throughly enjoyed your blogging about one of my most favorite places -- Lassen Pines. Lyle had such a wonderful time there this summer. I can't wait until October (Women's Retreat) when it's my turn to go to camp.

Kim said...

Thanks for the wrap up. Your family all touches so many lives for the kingdom.

Rachel said...

Wow it sounds so amazing, the pictures are great too!