Friday, November 19, 2010


We just returned from another fun trip to Lynchburg, Virginia! It was once again, almost... magical.
We were in town to attend the wedding of two "kids" that met while working at our camp! (wedding post to come)
Scott and I stayed in Forest, Virginia at the home of our Liberty University college roommates...his AND mine, Scott and Julie (Wolff) Lawrenson.
Julie and I also went to high school together at Christian High in San Diego and Scott Lawrenson and Scott went to high school together at Lynchburg Christian Academy in Lynchburg!
Scott and Julie have a beautiful home in Forest, Virginia. They made us feel so at home! The highlight for me...Julie's {unbelievably delicious} apple cider every morning and each evening!
I tried to talk Julie into starting a blog. She has an effortless eye for decorating! Her home is so welcoming and surrounded with warmth, just like it's residents! Julie has her plate quite full at Liberty University, though, helping kids {like mine!} find their direction in life at the career center~and she worked VERY hard attaining that Master's degree with which to do it, so blogging will have to wait until retirement!
Check out this porch!!! Straight out of a magazine, I tell ya! Wish I had taken of the picture of the view we looked upon while sipping cider and coffee one morning.
I loved this sweet bench!
Here is the guest room we stayed in. Julie has an eye for cool furniture and has several cabinets that are really cool!
(excuse our mess!)
Here is a perfect example of Julie's "effortless" way of decorating. I am TOTALLY copying this burlap idea!
We ate delicious meals at this table. Scott and Julie knew how busy we were with the wedding and seeing Lynchburg peeps but they checked in with us each day and offered to meet us for a meal or cook for us if we didn't have plans.
This picture shows what I think was Scott's favorite part of our trip. This is what these two used to do in their college dorm room just a few years ago! {Scott Lawrenson is an unbelievably gifted guitar player and Scott Luff is JEALOUS! But he did get to play the guitar that Garth Brooks gave to Scott Lawrenson while he was the trainer for the New York Mets}.

What memories we have with Scott and Julie. There is something so comforting about being with people that you have history with. If only we lived in the same town!
I am so thankful that Shae has both Scott and Julie right on campus if she were to need anything. Julie has been so helpful to her when she has been confused about which classes to take or even which major to declare. But I really think it is comforting to Shae to know that there is a Mom available to her!
Scott is the trainer for the LU baseball team so Shae sees him almost daily. I find comfort in knowing that he will be looking out for Shae around all those boys!
27 years ago, who would have known that this friendship would still be so precious!

Thank you Scott and Julie, for a wonderful visit! You made us feel so at home (even better than home, actually) We cherish your friendship!
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Amy said...

Is that bottom pic taken at Wintergreen?

Grace Meeker said...

super cute post (as always!) LOVED the picture of their house...absolutely gorgeous!!! can't wait to pictures from the wedding!

Scott Lawrenson said...

Yes that's Wintergreen! Good eye...Inger,it was our pleasure, we appreciate the time you spent with us. Look forward to seeing you and Scott again...Shae just took over your room here , with some hot cider to put her to sleep.
Take care,

Momofgirls said...

Scott commented on my blog!?!? Wait until "my" Scott hears this!!!! He will be put to shame!

I am so jealous that Shae is in MY room and drinking MY cider! I hope she goes to the candle store tomorrow or that lovely gift store in Forest before she heads this way........

Jessica said...

I love that photo of you guys younger... so cute.

Rick Lawrenson said...

I took a double take at the pic of them playing guitar. Thought, "that's my dad in that picture. He doesn't play guitar!"