Monday, November 8, 2010

One Step Ahead of The Game

This year I had to be extra organized when it came to Christmas cards since Shae left town in August to go to college.
I was so lucky that a very special photographer, Ryan Alexander (he was in 5th grade while I was teaching 4th grade at the same school...ouch!) came up to camp (from Tennessee!) with his family over the summer to help run a week of camp. He and his wife, Marty took the time to take family pictures for us!
{here are a couple of "samples"}
We took the pictures in front of one of the lakes at camp around dusk and it was beautiful! They were quick and my family didn't have too much too complain about! Just the whole getting ready thing....
But, too bad so sad to my complainers....I got some good ones!
Wait till you see my Christmas Cards! I have started addressing the 200 envelopes this week!
{If you aren't on my list and want to be...let me know!}

Yay for getting something done ahead of time!!

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Kim said...

I would love one Inger if possible. I'll send you one of ours.... :-)

Amy said...

Oh, please put me on your list, if possible! The pictures are EXCELLENT!

Grace Meeker said...

I hope I'm on your list again this year!!! We have a new address though now that we live in Colorado Springs....let me know if you need it! =)

Dawn said...

I can't wait to get it! But you make me cringe with how perfect and organized you are. Your birthday is tomorrow and of course, there is nothing in the mail. Christmas? It's still six weeks away, so I've got about five weeks before I realize I've got a lot to do! Wish I could be more like you... I love you!