Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's Right Around the Corner....

The Annual "House of Design Christmas Open House" started this week, so Dottie and I drove to Red Bluff to fill our eyes with Christmas splendor on Thursday!
It is SHOCKING that Christmas is upon us!
The House of Design does not disappoint when it comes to Christmas decor. Those ladies must work for days getting it all together.
As you walk in the door, the smell of Christmas overtakes you and you magically get into the holiday spirit!
Walking through the store once just doesn't allow you to take it all in. You have to go around several times to catch all the special little touches everywhere. The hot apple cider and yummy cookies force you to really take your time and enjoy the experience.
I always try to get fresh ideas for my own Christmas trees. It would be such a luxury to have someone come in and decorate my house for me, but that will never be the case, so onward I trudge with my camera.
The silver this year has overtaken my soul. It is just gorgeous! I did get some new silvery goodness for my own living room tree!
Without self control {well, my husband's voice of reason in my head} I could have spent my grocery money for the whole month of November... maybe my peeps would eat spaghetti for a month!
There are lots and lots of practical ideas displayed, using things I already own, so reality quickly sets in and doesn't seem so bad.
Apothecary jars...yep, I own, uh, some of those. I can do this!
The mantles are what inspires me. I struggle with my mantle. I am not mantle-gifted. at.all.
When you look at it piece by piece, it becomes do-able!
{and I already own lots of things to use too!}
I am so glad The House of Design doesn't forget about Jesus. He is the whole reason we celebrate after all.
{and a cake pedestal with a nativity on it~genius!}
Dottie and I ate a quick bite for lunch and decided to check out one of our favorite stores, Dandelion, before heading home. Not much inspiration there this year but we did LOVE this fireplace/mantle display.
On another note, Scott and I are headed to Lynchburg this week to attend Jenn and Joe's wedding (and see a little college girl who is IN the wedding!) However, I don't think I can bring any clothes this time. I had the old "Mom, can you make a couple blankets for the coaches?" phone call. "Sure Shae, how many?" "Um, six..." (And on a few of them I DID embroider "Liberty Baseball" with my new machine!)
Somehow she thought of 4 more (with specific colors or "hobbies", thus the camo blanket) that she "needed" for some other people too. So there are 10 blankets flying out with us...somehow.
I can't say one.single.word. either. My mom did it for me, for my friends. So many of my high school and college friends still have the blankets my precious, thoughtful, giving Mom made for them, uh.....a couple years ago. :)
In my book, it's not a bad thing to be like MY MOM, at all.

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Amy said...

Inger, you are THE most wonderful mom in the whole wide world!! I know your own mama is very proud of you. Sure wish there was time for a visit with y'all....but we WILL do it one of these times when you're in town!!!

Dawn said...

Oh, I still have a couple of your mom's blankets around here. One of them she made for Kenny, is Caitlin's favorite. You are carrying on such a special tradition. What an awesome mom and friend you are!