Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Liberty Girl

When we got to Lynchburg for the wedding Shae had the next few days planned out for us.
There were certain places she wanted to eat and places around campus to show us.
Papa stayed at The Mansion right on campus so he and Shae had a few meals before we got into town but she saved the yummy Italian place for us!
The next day Scott's dad spoke in Dr. Wheeler's EVAN class in the seminary. Dr. Wheeler's daughter, Kara, is Shae's roommate! It was a class of ministry majors, so they listened intently as the veteran of youth ministry shared.
At the end of Gordon's talk Dr. Wheeler called his leaders up to lay hands on and pray for Scott and Gordon and our ministry. It was such a special time.
Fall is so beautiful in Virginia but we missed the best week of the colorful leaves I think. The LU monogram still takes your breath away, no matter what time of the year it is!!
A "Must See" on Shae's list was the LU Baseball office. We met Coaches Daniels, Toman and Quinn whom we have heard about non-stop! Shae LOVES her job there and she LOVES the coaches. We were able to deliver the baseball blankets that day too!
I think Shae might actually like working better than doing homework!
Apparently she has some skills too!
She shared her talent of popcorn making with us, and there was a steady flow of cute boys following their noses to the popcorn machine. Smart girl, that one.
We HAD TO go find Ed Gomes on the football field while we were in town. He is one of Scott's very favorite people from his days with Liberty Football. Ed is the team chaplain and they are one lucky team to have such a dynamic Christian man working with them.
The new stadium is unbelievable!
It was fun watching the boys running plays and practicing for the next day's game.
Shae was slightly offended by the fanciness of the whole football department...even the elevator was huge and fancy!
She was a great tour guide and we had a wonderful time just seeing her in her new life at Liberty. It was so nice to see how well she has adjusted to life in Virginia {without us...}. It is also reassuring to this Mama to see that so many people are looking out for her in my absence! I hope we can go back again soon!!
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Kim said...

Glad to hear she is doing so well and that you were able to visit. Looks like a beautiful campus!