Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm Thankful

Lindsay has really suffered while Shae has been at college. Her simple, innocent mind can't really grasp how far away Virginia is or when Christmas is. Shae was originally only going to come home in December.
But when Grandma Welms heard about how hard it has been on Lindsay (here she is in Shae's bedroom doorway) and when I told her that Lindsay asks every morning "is Shae coming home for Christmas today?", she insisted on buying Shae a ticket home for Thanksgiving.
I managed to find a ticket coming home on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and leaving the Friday after Thanksgiving. (I am already dreading the goodbyes)
We decided to surprise the girls...and we managed to keep the secret! We took a little "shopping trip" to Sacramento with the girls and Scott's parents. We stayed in a hotel and then went to the airport the next "pick something up". Scott is a private pilot and flies down to Sacramento to drop off and pick up staff kids a lot, so it wasn't unusual to go to the airport.
Scott had them come inside to "help", Anna was first to see Shae!
Then Shae walked up to Lindsay....
Lindsay jumped into Shae's arms!
It was the purest expression of JOY ever!!
We took a little ride to the mall with Shae being clung to by Lindsay!
We had to visit the Apple store and ride the merry go round.
On the way back to Redding Shae had her much anticipated first meal in California-
We drove the two hours home.
Lindsay wasn't letting Shae out of her sight!

Thank you to Grandma Welms for sending us this sweet package!
(and you don't even get to see her!)
This will be a Thanksgiving none of us will forget. What fun to pull off a surprise!

"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift"
2Cor. 9:15
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Jennifer said...

Inger, I LOVE this post and LOVE that you surprised your girls at the airport! All the pictures of Lindsay clinging to Shae are just too precious. I know you must have had a great Thanksgiving and so much to be thankful for.

Loved all the pictures from your VA trip too! That Lynchburg sure does sound like a great place. Shae is such a pretty girl and looks like she is adjusting really well to college life. Oh, and I love the picture of you guys back in your college cool!

Hope you guys are doing well and I know you are already counting down the days until Christmas. :)

Scott, Trinity and Tucker said...

Tears of Joy! What a wonderful post... Glad Shae got some home time, it's a wonderful feeling.

Donna said...

So sweet, Inger!!! I LOVED the pictures of Lindsey loving on Shea:) I know that made you smile (and cry)!!!

Kristi Smalley said...

Inger, this is just the sweetest post ever. It made me want to cry to see sweet Lindsey loving on her sister. PRECIOUS!!!!!

I am going to have to read some of your older posts since I am behind on blogs. If you do email lists, please add me so I can get your new posts in my inbox. You have such a sweet family, Inger.

Dolly said...

What a sweet post. The pics of Lindsey loving on Shae almost made me tear up. SO SWEET! I'm sure Shae leaving again was really hard but it will make Christmas all the more exciting!

Sorry we didn't get to see you when you were here in Lburg. Looks like ya'll had a busy time. I'm glad Shae is loving college life so well and I know she was happy to come back home for a while.

Pauline said...

Read this with tears in my eyes. How lovely!