Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to Reality

We are home from our week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Reality has set in. There is a pile of laundry taunting me. There are hungry people here who think I am responsible to feed them!

This is where I wish I could spend another week...

The Villa Del Arco Resort and Spa

Check out our "sweet" suite! Two bedrooms and a full kitchen AND a washer and dryer!!

Shae and Aunt Laurie (Luff child #4, only girl) didn't waste any time hitting the pool!

Here is part of the crew on the way to go parasailing. (sorry, no pictures of that, gotta wait for Steph to send me the pics.)

Another highlight was the dolphin experience. Can you believe they are strong enough to pull big boys?

This is BEFORE Lindsay had figured out what this was all about!
(Shae, Aunt Beckie, Scott, Linds, Dottie (aka Grandma) and Gordon (aka Papa)

Cute picture..but WHERE is Lindsay? Clinging to me while I was keeping Gavin happy in his stroller so Beckie could enjoy the dolphins (Beckie is a HUGE animal fan...she was in HEAVEN!)

Let's try this again with least she is in a picture with the dolphin! She was scared to death!!

Here is the reason we got to go on such a beautiful trip together.
These are Scott's parents, Gordon and Dottie Luff. They have been married 50 years! Their 4 sons and their wives and their 1 daughter along with the granchildren decided to plan the whole thing as a surprise. We all saved and saved and planned and planned. On August 15th, their anniversary, we presented them with the itinerary..........and boy were they surprised!!

Here is the whole clan! Eleven from California and ten from Dallas! We waited too long to take the picture...wish it was light enough to see the beautiful view!

Barry (second oldest) and Stephanie with Averi and Brady (our twins!)

Brian (third -middle-child) and Lisa with Cooper, Hannah and Jackson

Brad (youngest child) and Beckie with Austin and Gavin

Gavin is trying to decide if he likes Mexico........

Pool Fun!!

Sott (oldest ) and me (hee hee) with Shae, Lindsay and Anna

Table for 21 please!!! The food was delicious..we are all going to be dieting after this trip!

Shae and Hannah

Scott did this for hours! I don't know how he wasn't sore!!

Anna, Hannah, Cooper and Jackson had a BALL in the waves..they did bring loads of sand to our rooms inside their swimsuits though!

Cousins :)

Lindsay is no dummy. She kept a safe distance from the water! She has told me over and over that playing in the sand was the best part of the trip!

Papa taking Austin for a dip!

Oops..repeat picture!

Part of the California Luffs on the way home! We had a wonderful time just being together and hanging out by the pool, loving on each other's kids and visiting with nothing else to do but enjoy our time together. We are usually together for Thanksgiving in Dallas or in California, so it was fun being somewhere that no one had to cook or clean! (but I gotta tell you, there were NO.Mashed.Potatoes.)

The kids and I made some snowman ornaments that I will be posting directions for after I conquer my chores.....UGH! Like I said, back to reality....but I kinda like my reality so it's okay!


Jennifer said...

INGER...that looks amazing! Seriously, I was so jealous as I was looking at all your pictures. :) How fun that all the siblings did that for their parents...a trip of a lifetime! And the hotel...I didn't realize you were a VIP...that place is gorgeous! :)

Welcome back and so glad you had a great time!

Kristi said...

GOOD POST INGER!!!! I thought about you all last week. I will have to see Stephanie's pictures next time she is at my sister, Becky's house.

The hotel, beach, scenery, everything looked AMAZING!!!!! I am so jealous but am so glad you all got to do that. It looks like you had a fabulous time.

Tell Laurie I said hello next time you talk to her. She will only know me by my maiden name, Kristi Carr. We were in the same class at GCA together.

Donna said...

Inger that was such a nice post. I gotta say that it is so nice to see that you all enjoy being together and spending time with each other. It reminds me a lot of my family and it made me so excited and happy for you all! I'm glad you were able to ALL go spend time with your in-laws.

Welcome home and post the ornaments!

Dolly said...

Wow! What a great trip. Good post recap and it was fun seeing all of your family. Glad ya'll had a great time! That was a trip you all will never forget!

Kim said...

I enjoyed the post as well. I have always wanted to swim with dolphins so was especially interested to see that you did that. Cool!

Love all the pics and that you had a wonderful trip celebrating Gordon and Dottie!

Denise said...

It looks like you had such a fun trip! How very nice that the whole family did this together! You know what? You guys had so much fun, I bet you all will do it again soon!

Rachel said...

Okay now those pictures are just HEAVEN! Looks like and sounds like you had a FABULOUS time. Glad you got away for a bit and to spend the time with family is so great!