Monday, December 1, 2008

Snowman Ornament #1

Now girls, you CAN make these! Shae and I made them with Lindsay's special ed I KNOW you can do it! (and I made them with the cousins on a windy day at the pool in Cabo!)

Here are the things you 'll need:
*1 package of white girl's " casual" socks (got mine at good ol Target).The smaller sizes tend to work best.

*1 package of same style socks as the white, but colored (a little bigger than the white would be best, but the same size works too.
*small buttons
*a piece of fleece cut into "scarves"...this needs to be long enough to tie around his neck to "form" his head
*orange pipe cleaners
*a black sharpie
*embroidery floss or strong thread
*stuffing (the fluffy stuff in the bag)

Cut the "top" (folding down part) of the white sock off.
Stuff the "bottom" with the stuffing. make sure to fill well and make the bottom nice and fat. Using the embroidery floss tie off the top of the sock. Next, cut the top (folding down part) of the colored sock off- this will be his hat. Tie off the top of the hat like you did the body, then fold the bottom up slightly to make a "beanie".
Put the beanie on the snowman's head to cover where he is tied off. Next, tie the fleece scarf (we have used regular fabric in plaid for this part whatever you have on hand), around where you think his neck is and tie gently, but tight enough to separate the head from the body.
Cut a small piece of pipe cleaner long enough to kind of force into his face (it will stay better if you make it long enough.) Draw on the face with a sharpie and glue on the buttons, you are done!
One last thing I do: using a needle and some embroidery floss, I loop thread through his head so it holds the hat on and makes a "loop hanger thingy" to hold him onto the tree!

Obviously you will have enough supplies to make 12 snowmen!

Snowman #2 coming in a day or hubby has to help with this one..but don't feel bad for him, he did them every year that I was teaching, then again when my girls started school!! He is kinda "used to" my projects!!


Kim said...

Quite adorable~

I'm impressed and liked the how to!

Shannon said...

How cute!