Monday, December 8, 2008

Two Special Birthdays

Today is the birthday of two very special people in my life! My mom and my husband share their December 8th birthday!

Scott is 46 today! Wow! How did we get to be, uh, middle aged?! He honestly only gets better with time! He is a sweet, loving husband and especially a wonderful Daddy to 3 lucky girls! Lindsay always says "Daddy, you are a good man!" She is exactly right! He makes breakfast every day and empties the dishwasher and makes the girls' lunches! He also takes Lindsay to school every day! She really prefers him to brush her teeth and tuck her in too! It is funny that when she needs ANYTHING and I offer to help, she usually says "Daddy will do it!"
He is so thoughtful. He leaves cards and flowers (and not just for me! I went to the bank one day and one of the tellers asked if I was Scott Luff's wife, I said yes, then she started to cry and showed me the beautiful roses he had brought to her that morning. It was her 30th anniversary and her husband had recently died. He had a conversation with her earlier that day and had come back with flowers! She was so touched by his kindness). He has been known to do other sweet things too! One of the best things about him is his big heart , he is so sweeet to all of us! I am thankful for this godly man that God so graciously gave to me! Happy Birthday, Scott! I love you!!

* Please pray for Scott, he is on his way to Dallas today to meet up with his brother to fly shoeboxes down to Mexico for Operation Christmas Child! Scott and Barry will be flying 2 of the 10 planes heading to Tampico, Mexico on Wednesday!! Poor Dottie, last time they flew together in a plane (only 1 plane to worry about) now they are each flying a she will be double worrying! I am excited that they have this opportunity to use their skills as pilots to deliver Christmas Joy to some very precious kids! He brought a camera, so I will post some pictures of the trip later.
* Scott and another pilot will be flying back to California after the trip, so, please keep him in your prayers next weekend as he excitedly brings home his own plane! (nice hand me down from his brother, huh?)

Happy Birthday to my Mom too! My parents come every summer to stay at camp (they have an apartment there). My dad actually works all summer fixing things and teaching some of the staff boys how to do various tasks around the 45 acres (there is ALWAYS something to do!)
My mom is a retired Kindergarten teacher....and a wonderful Grandma! She LOVES for Lindsay to come over (it is a short walk from our room to my mom's place during the summer while we are at camp). Lindsay does puzzles, plays dress up and bakes cookies all summer with Grandma Lindsay HATES summer to be over and Grandma and Grandpa to go back to Phoenix! I am so thankful that my girls get to spend so much time with all 4 grandparents every summer! Wish my parents were closer year round though! Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday to Scott! I didn't realize we were so close in age. Just about 9 days apart. I actually thought I was MUCH older.

I learned alot about your family in this post too. I didn't realize Scott was a pilot. Did you know that my husband was a pilot too? That is really great! We will be keeping both he and Barry in our prayers. Whomever your girls marry will have big shoes to fill with such a great dad as an example. It really touched me to hear how special he is! Neat that he and your mom share a b-day too.

Denise said...

Happy Birthday to your mom and hubby.

I think dads with all girls are extra special and sweet. Your hubby sounds like a girls daddy alright!

Empty dishwasher and breakfast each day---incredible!

I'll be praying for them as they fly for OCC.

Donna said...

Wow, I agree about the breakfast/dishwasher thing. That sounds like something my Daddy (of all girls) would do. My husband? No way!!! He sounds like a great man, Inger!

Happy birthday to your Mom, too:)

That's so neat that Scott flies for OCC. Small world!

Momofgirls said...

I didn't even tell you the even BETTER thing he does EVERY DAY...after dinner he banishes me from the kitchen (I go help Lindsay get a bath and Anna do her homework) Scott cleans the ENTIRE kitchen and loads the dishes into the dishwasher! (okay, mostly because he wants quiet while he has his coffee..and he claims I don't load it right). Works for me!

*his most proud claim to fame these days is that he can actually put Lindsay's hair in a ponytail!!

Shannon said...

Sounds like two VERY special people! Happy Birthday to them both!