Friday, December 5, 2008

Lindsay's School Pictures

Okay, remember a few posts ago when I said that someday maybe Lindsay would look at the camera and be smiling at the same time?(and I was a little sarcastic when I said that , maybe?) Well, take a look at what was in her backpack today when she got off the school bus!
Guess I was shown a thing or two!
(Jen Beaver..can you believe we were just talking about this TODAY in front of Old Navy while you were suppossed to be cleaning your house for Ashley's party? HaHa!) Too bad Lindsay hadn't had her hair cut yet, but who cares..Look at that PERFECT picture! (only little left eye wants to turn the wrong way!!)


The Beaverette said...

oh that is so funny! I am so glad we are constantly proven wrong. It makes life fun! I really enjoyed chatting with you. We could talk across the U.S. and back! p.s. I found Ashley's p.j.s at Sears of all places. Weird! I'll post her birthday/spa night when I regain some sleep.

Jennifer said...

Great school pics, Lindsay!! She knew her mama was talking about her so she had to prove her wrong. :)

By the way, I think I got your package, but it's at the post office. I went to pick it up on Saturday and, of course, I didn't know they closed at was 12:30. So, I'm looking forward to picking it up tomorrow!

Have a great week!