Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Special Playdate

When I was dating Scott in college, I flew from San Diego to Dallas to meet his family. There was sooo much going on at that house, people coming and going, extra football players showing up for dinner, his mom cooking for an army, and those southern accents!!
Well, I decided RIGHT THEN that I wanted a piece of that action! Only child that I am, I grew up in a very quiet, controlled environment...and The Luffs had a FUN life!
So, now you can understand what a BIG deal it was for me to be an Aunt! I would not have this opportunity from my side of the family, and I am so lucky I married a guy with 4 siblings!
Austin Jeffrey Luff is not the one who first gave me my "Aunt" status (that was Texas). Then came the other Texas "cousins", Hannah, Jackson, Averi and Brady-I adore them all! ( It just isn't even right to live so far away!)
Austin is my nephew that lives exactly 3 minutes from my house! :) (and to add a bonus he has a little brother,, Gavin). So THIS AUNTIE was so happy the night he was born, and I was there!
We invited Austin over for a play date yesterday, Lindsay LOVED having him all to herself until Anna came home from school. I basically was out of a job when she showed up! She is a wonderful babysitter (I guess all the years she has taken care of Lindsay has given her the skills she has! )

Lindsay said her favorite thing about Austin is that "He wuvs it when I hold him on my wap" I am not so sure that is a true statement, but he is so sweet to let her, and he even kisses her when she asks him to!)

Anna said "the best thing about our flight to Mexico was when Austin came to sit with me!" (Shae loved it too, and even shared her ipod with him).

While Beckie and I were admiring the new ornament she brought me, we noticed this pacifier hanging from the tree. Both of us instantly knew who put it there, and why.

You see, Anna is a "by the booker" as my husband likes to say, a rule follower, so she knows that Aunt Beckie has a pacifier rule.....and that means no pacifier until bedtime! Austin's Dad brought his blanket AND pacifier over when he came to dinner, and let Austin HAVE the pacifier!!??!!
Resourceful Anna was "on it" and distracted Austin with the train, and then slyly hung the sweet "ornament" on the tree. I kinda wish we hadn't found it last night, because it would still be hanging on my Christmas tree.


Donna said...

Cute post, Inger! I feel the same way about my neices and nephews. And I love when they come visit me or when we all get together at my parent's.

I love the pacifier on the tree! CUTE!

sassy seamstress said...

i was just reading your post on jennifer's blog and i had to laugh. our oldest and special needs and when she "uses the potty" she likes to say "oh my goodness sake, mommy! look!" gotta love those moments.