Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy Week

What a busy week we have had! All fourth graders in the state of California learn California's rich history. What an amazing heritage we have in our state! Anna's class went on a field trip to Sacramento (a 2 hour drive) to visit Sutter's Fort. Sutter's fort is where the early settlers of California came to get supplies, rest, directions and advice during the gold rush days of the 1800's. I imagine it was a welcome sight for the weary travellers!
Anna and her friend Katalina in front of the museum.
This is an old printing press in the still works! The students were able to see it print a "wanted" poster of the 2 fourth grade teachers! Scott LOVED this part, he went on and on telling all the things they learned there. He was so impressed by the hard work it took to print a newspaper back then.
One of the "trappers"at Trapper Camp.
Striking it rich panning for gold!!
These two had a wonderful day! I was so glad that Scott wanted to drive on this field trip, he loves history and enjoyed himself, he just kept thinking how much faster he could have been there in that airplane!! (and he survived the trip driving a car full of girls!)
Other events of our week included, Lindsay and Shae looked at pictures on Shae's phone...
Lindsay being "set up" in the living room with Dora (to get out of Anna' hair) good idea though!)
Shae's ALL DAY volleyball tournament..."Go Shasta Magic" (see, volleyball never ends, you just play in a club after school volleyball is over!!)
On Friday night Scott and I were able to go to dinner and we walked on the famous (featured in Sunset Magazine) Sundial Bridge here in Redding. It really is a huge sundial that is solar powered to light up at night. It goes over the Sacramento River and has a beautiful botanical garden on one end and The Turtle Bay Museum on the other.

We had a very busy,but fun week..and I found some treasures at the thrift stores too!!
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jday said...

What a great field trip! I love stuff like that!

What good stuff did you find at the thrift stores??

Dolly said...

Good recap Inger. I showed my husband the printing press picture and he liked that since he's into printing himself.
That was sweet of your husband to go with Anna on her field trip. I bet she felt proud.