Thursday, March 26, 2009


Mornings are hard at our house! Lindsay LOVES to sleep! When she finally gets out of her bed, (after Mommy and Daddy have BOTH been in to cuddle) she sometimes sneaks into Shae's bed..and believe me, Shae doesn't mind one bit!! We have needed to get lots of sleep to survive this busy week!
Lindsay and Anna had a birthday party to attend for our "might as well be another sister", Chloe. It is always so exciting for Lindsay when she is invited too!!
Later in the week I got to spend the day with my favorite blue eyed boys! Austin kept me entertained with his drum playing...
He also "needed" to mow the lawn!
Gavin was just along for the ride, enjoying the warm sunshine with his trusty thumb close by!! (Isn't he yummy???) We also took a walk around the block, read books, played ball and ate lunch! By the way, boys are WAY busier than girls!
Shae returned to the doctor for visit #4, with a relapse of Bronchitis and a bad ear infection! Three new medications and 2 inhalers later, I think she is feeling better. Dr. Anna Luff was on hand to administer the medications. (You should see Shae trying to take the liquid cough medicine, an academy award is in her future!).
I sorta think the patient was enjoying all the attention...but, the poor Dr. ended up staying home sick today too!
I finally conquered the closets this week!! This is Lindsay's, I.took.everything.out. So I pretty much had to get it finished before bed time! This girl has some clothes!
Here is the clean sheet, vacuumed, dusted, organized closet bedroom!

Anna painted this rainbow in Pre-K, and since it has purple on it, Lindsay has claimed it! (she thinks anything purple is hers "because it is my favorite color").
This room was much more challenging, since Anna actually plays in her room A LOT! Not to mention the fact that there are a million dolls living in this room with her!
Oh, and check out the monogrammed pillow shams.....they were $1.50 for the pair at Shasta Discount Outlet (non-monogrammed). The monograms were..cough...cough...$10 each!! (good thing they were sooo cheap!) Scott picked them up for me (so he actually paid for them, and hasn't said a word!) I was a little disappointed that the monogram is so small, and un-girly, but "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit". Next time I am sending my items south,where they really know how to monogram and don't charge as much!!
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Angela said...

Your girls are so sweet! I hope they feel better soon! They're closets and rooms looks GREAT! Is that Dr. old enough to administer the meds? Shae probably didn't care, as long it got to her! I hope your family has a wonderful weekend!

Donna said...

Good post, Inger! I agree...the rooms and closets look so perfect! Please tell me your house is not always that way or I might start feeling reallllllllly like a bad wife/mom.

I'm laughing at your comment about Shae winning an Academy Award for her medicine taking. I can just imagine! hahah!

I think the monograms look great on the pillow. That was a good deal on the price you paid for the pillow shams!! You are a bargain shopper!!!

Jennifer said...

I love that first sweet!

Your rooms and closets look so good and so neat and clean. I'm very impressed Inger!

Momofgirls said...

Let's see how long it is until I have to do the closets again!!!

Today I have taken on the task of my wonderful hall closet that Scott put a counter top and lights in so it is a mini scrapbook/craft room!!!

I will show you how coooool it is once it looks good!

Nikki said...

Your house always looks perfect! I am jealous! Your girls rooms look like something out of a magazine. Lucky girls.

Love the pic of Shae and Lindsay snuggling. What sweet sisters.

Send your monogramming my way. I will hook you up! But $10 is a good deal for those shams they look very nice.

Kristi said...

Inger Luff, you are quite the energetic, Proverbs 31 woman! Those closets look fabulous. You are a woman after my own heart. I LOVE TO ORGANIZE! I can have soap scum an inch thick in my shower, but my golly, let me at a closet or dresser drawer. I love your last post as well with your thrift store finds.