Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up-Austin Is Three

Saturday morning started early for Scott and Anna (and they had been on a date to the movies on Friday night too!!). They took a flight to a town just south of us to have breakfast!
Looks like we may have another pilot in the family in a few years! Anna is willing to try anything, there is no way I would have even tried to hold onto that yoke!

Once again, Scott earned extra credit for taking pictures...what a guy! They had to hurry back to get to Lowe's in time for us to meet cousin Austin to build a rain gauge, and it was even more fun because it was Austin's 3rd birthday!!!

"Excuse me, Ma'am, could we get by you (and your bottom) to get our craft kits?" Seriously, she was right where everyone had to walk right by her to get started! Wear higher pants, or a longer shirt...paaaleeease!

Look at the concentration on this THREE year old face! He loves tools, and wants to do everything "all by myself"!

Lindsay had her own personal helper, but boy can she pound a hammer-watch out for your fingers and toes.

Here are the finished products, look at Anna's fogged up goggles (it was 80 outside, and she was working hard doing the whole thing by herself ). What a fun, cute, FREE activity! They get to keep the aprons and goggles, and when they show the Lowe's lady their finished project, they get a patch to iron onto the apron!

Gavin was, once again, VERY sweet, he knows he will be in the mix in another year or so working right along side the rest of them!

Austin's birthday party was on Sunday at a fun bouncy house place.

He was having a ball playing with all his friends, he LOVED his "Mater" cake too!

Big boys get all the candles blown out quickly!!

The birthday boy with his Mommy, Daddy and Little Brother (who wants a bite of that cake)!

Austin, I remember the night you were born just like it was yesterday! You were the most beautiful baby boy and made so many people happy that night!! It is so fun being a part of your life. You are such a sweet, tender, smart boy and God will be able to use you in a mighty way one day because of your tender heart and your willingness to obey! I hope you have another wonderful year of growing and learning. I am so blessed because you were born! I love you so very much! Happy 3rd Birthday!

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Angela said...

My husband has the same Liberty shirt.

That crack was really sumthin! Poor kids, had to look at that. I hope I know if ever my crack is out in the open like that!

Those projects are so neat! We've never been to one, but are planning on it soon.

Momofgirls said...

I know, Angela! My sister in law and I kept saying that we KNEW she had to feel that, and her shirt was super short too!! Eww! I am glad Lindsay couldn't see it, she would have blurted something out really loud! Anna just whispered to me and we laughed!

Kim said...

What a wonderful weekend with family! I enjoyed reading about it!

Kristi said...

This was a great post! It look like you had a packed, fun-filled weekend.

You should've gone over to the Lowe's crack lady and stuck a quarter in it. That would've been hilarious!

Denise said...

Oh my goodness. Nasty crack, so funny, SO BRAVE to get a picture. Go Inger.

LOVE your hubby's tshirt!

Shannon said...

That crack shot is hilarious!

Looks like everyone had fun!

A kitchen towel with that "keep calm" saying on it would be so cute.

Living for Him said...

Man, that bootie is pretty gross! It definitely lived up to your description! Yuck :)


P.S. Thanks for driving... Micah's cartoons turned out pretty sweet! We may have gotten second place ;) started on marketing ideas today... so we'll see!

Dolly said...

I'm LOL that you got a pic of that girls crack and tatoo! How sexy is that? YUCK! Sadly, that's probably her way of being cool or feeling attractive? I don't know what makes people wear stuff like that.

How sweet that your hubby and Anna take dates together. She's such a sweet little girl and it's good that she's not afraid to try anything!

jday said...

WOW! Say no to crack!!! Inger, I am so proud of you for the great shot!! That is one long piece of crack action! :)

Donna said...

hahah! That woman's crack is DISGUSTING! Yes, she knew. Everytime I sit down when I wear jeans, I immediately pull my shirt down over my waist so nothing shows. Peopls know when they are exposed!!! Gross.

Your husband treats your girls so sweetly. Good for him!

I love that shirt that little girl is wearing behind Austin as he blows out his candles (Petit Mademoiselle---CuTe!) That Gavin is adorable, too:)