Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

Spring is my favorite season. It brings such renewal and hope, it is the season our beloved Saviour conquered the grave after bearing the burden of our ugly sin. Spring and Fall are especially beautiful in Northern California....maybe because Fall is a welcome relief from the 115 degree summer days and Spring is the "warming up" to them! Everything is blooming and colorful, windows are open and birds are singing!
I tried to decorate my entryway table...not like I had pictured it in my head, but "Springy" nonetheless. (almost EVERYTHING on it is from the thrift store! )
Found a cute egg wreath for half price at Joann's! This weekend I hope to plant some pots of colorful spring flowers.
This jar has some handpicked cotton in it! Scott braved the barbed wire fence to get it for me on our drive from our California wedding to our new home in Texas (and the poor guy has had to lug the box from attic to attic for nearly 22 years now!) I was a city girl, and I still love that is so fascinating how it grows! (and it is a sweet reminder of our happy newlywed days in Texas, too!)
Birds in the kitchen.
We still have lemons on our tree, and we have really enjoyed our fresh squeezed orange juice from Papa's oranges (he has even mailed some oranges to Texas for the cousins to enjoy!).

Still working on my "He Lives" you later!

Happy First Weekend of Spring! Hope it is beautiful, where ever you are!
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The Beaverette said...

Great blog Inger. Really well done.

Kim said...

Looks great Inger! I especially like the birds in the kitchen. :-)

Xazmin said...

Love your spring decor! I'm longing for the warmer weather!


Denise said...

You always decorate so nicely for the seasons! Very pretty!

I mentioned you in my blog today. I made your Taco Soup! YUMMY! Thanks! Have a good week.

Dolly said...

Spring is on it's way! You've done a nice job of making your house springy. I need to start decorating mine. I love all your touches.

Shannon said...

Love all those spring touches!!

Lucky duck on the $1 hymnal! I love old hymnals!

Angela said...

Once again, you have inspired me to get up and decorate! I LOVE all yours! I hope to make a trip to SA this week. I want some of those glass jars! Beautiful, just beautiful, Inger!

Donna said...

Inger! I love ALL the touches of Spring in your home. I need to get on the ball. So far all I've managed to do is take a flower arrangement out of the attic and place it on my kitchen table. I LOVE the lemons and the stuff you put in the apothacary jars. I will have to visit our local Goodwill to see if they have any.

I bet your girls and even Scott love when you take all the seasonal stuff out. Way to represent P31:)

Nikki said...

Beautiful! Please come decorate my house too! I love everything and am going to copy the idea for the oranges & lemons in a bowl.

Loved hearing the sweet story behind the cotton! :)

Jennifer said...

LOVE the oranges and lemons...those are some of my favorite colors to decorate with! It all looks so beautiful and makes me realize I need to get on the ball! :)