Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun Thrift Finds

I found some GREAT stuff at the thrift stores this weekend! My favorite thrift store is the one run by the "Shascade Independent Living Organization". Their store is very neat, clean and organized (and the best prices!). There are "special needs" adults working there and they are darling, you are always greeted by 2 or 3 people with humongous smiles!
Here is the breakdown:
*iron bird thingy $2.99 (love it!!)
*sterling silver sugar and creamer (they were very tarnished!) $2.00 each piece
*The Message Bible (it looks brand new!!!) $.25
*glass apothecary jars and bell cloche $.50 each
I also found 2 pairs of jeans for Lindsay that look like new (Gap and Old Navy) for $1.00 each! Shae was really fussing about the jeans, but I told her that they are from some home where they don't take their stuff to consignment stores or have garage sales..they are better off than us 'cause they can afford to DONATE!! (and hello I washed then 5 times!)
This is my favorite find! Isn't it PRECIOUS!? I found this darling doll crib at a garage sale, and I called my mom for moral support and to have her talk me into getting it knowing she would say "oh I will send you the $ for it!" The sides go up and down just like a real crib! It was $20 and worth EVERY cent because Anna LOVES it! Now all the dolls are fighting to see who gets to sleep in it! (now if only I was like Julie Day and could sew up a cute bumper and quilt!!) I did find a vintage small pillowcase for it.

*now on to laundry, ironing and getting the house all "Springy"..more pictures to come!!
(and just so you southern girls know how lucky you are...I got some pillow shams for Anna's bed that I wanted to have monogrammed and the cheapest quote I have so far is "$35.00, Huh?) I may just have to use Sharpie!!
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Kristi said...

Good for you, I love hearing about good buys!!!! Places like that are so fun looking for that diamond in the rough!

Kim said...

I like all your finds as well. Where is the thrift store located. Address please :-)

Jennifer said...

Love the doll crib...I would have been in hog heaven if I could have had that when I was a little girl!

Donna said...

you got a $35 quote to have a monogram done?! HUH?! We can get them for around $5-10 here in NC. That is crazy!

Once again, I love your finds. I need to go to the Goodwill and see what I can find. You're right...people who give stuff to the Goodwill don't realize that you can consign or ebay things:)

jday said...

That doll crib is great! I had one similar to that (only a little smaller) when I was little and now Peyton has it. My mom is a thrift store freak and I've taken her to quite a few around here, but she said that they are pretty expensive. We went to a couple in Williamsburg and they were expensive, too. You must have a real good one there! Way to rack up on the bargains!!

Angela said...

Hi Inger! I love your finds! I need to find a SA. Your post last month or so about the mod poge picture frame has inspired me. All your posts inspire me, but I started making the frames and boxes. I put some on etsy. If you want to see your student's work, it's I wish we lived close, I just know we would have a lot of fun together!

Denise said...

Wow Inger, nice finds! That crib will look cute all fixed up, and you will do a great job doing it.

Looks like you have been busy from the post below! Cool field trip for Anna--she is so cute! Your girls all look so perfect.

HPS said...

Inger, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bird candleholder. You must make that a focal point. It is soooooo RWAVish!!!!

BTW, monogramming...our Super WalMart has a monogram shop in it and so did one I visited in Dallas. Do you have a Super W anywhere near you?!?! I think the name of the monogram part is called Hometown Threads.

Xazmin said...

Those are some fantastic finds! That crib is adorable!

About the pillows, maybe you could do an iron on transfer? I've never done one, but I've seen on someone's blog whare they did it - they just put it together on their printer how they wanted it to look, then printed it on transfer paper and ironed it onto their pillow!

If I can find it again I'll come back and post the link!

Dolly said...

Love your finds too. You've inspired me to go to thrift stores more often.