Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is a "blog shower" To really understand it go to !

  • Baby Logan gets a red sweater...for visits to see his/her cousins where it is cold!

  • Big sister Maddie gets special stationary.

  • Big brothers get a new book.

  • "Little" big sister gets Miss Pattycake Christmas DVD (okay, let's be honest, it is REALLY for Denise!)

  • Mama gets some "smellies" from Bath and Body Works!


Nikki...Thankyou so very much for the darling "party favor"! This was a fun idea!


Denise said...

Inger, you are so thoughtful and so creative! I wish I were more that way. You inspire me to be more thoughtful in my gift giving.

I love the sweet poem. And the gifts for my children are perfect!

I was just thinking last week, that I need to get some sort of sweater and hat for the baby to wear next month when we go home for a couple weeks. Your gift is just what I needed and what I would have picked out.

Thank you Inger! I love it!

jday said...

Inger, that is such a sweet poem! You are so thoughtful and I love the gifts!

Dolly said...

Very creative Inger! I love the poem and LOVE the red sweater. Perfect for Christmas and for cold Virginia at Christmas time. That was thoughtful of you to get something for all the kids too.

Noel Yeatts said...

So sweet to include the other kids! Great idea.

Nikki said...

Inger,you are always so sweet to think of the whole family! Your gifts will make Denise's kids feel special.

I love the little red sweater. Too cute.

Thanks for coming to the shower. :)

Happy Four said...

What a sweet poem and thoughtful to include gifts for the siblings too.

Jenius said...

Inger.....I don't know you, but I LIKE you!!! I love your poem, and your very thoughtful gifts for everyone. You're a good girl!! Enjoy the shower!!

Donna said...

SO cute!~ I love the poem!!! Good idea to send all the kids their own gifts. I've heard Miss Patty Cake is a cute DVD.

Good job, Ings!

HPS said...

GREAT job, Inger. Love ALL the gifts. You were so sweet to think of the whole fam all the way from Cali!

Dayna said... funny...telling Inger to enjoy the shower!! This is a cute gift Inger. I don't know you either but I see your comments alot. I love the red sweater too. Good idea to include the other children too. Good gifts!

Kristi said...

What a great gift, Inger. You went above and beyond getting all the other kids a gift. How thoughtful and creative! Good job!

Jennifer said...

Inger, such a creative girl you are! Those are such great little gifts for the other kids and I LOVE the sweater!

I think Inger wins the prize for the person who came the furthest to attend the shower!