Monday, November 17, 2008

Sneaking One In (shhhh)

Isn't she precious? I got her last year after Christmas for half-price. I have a serious weakness for sweet "snow people"! Since Scrooge won't let me get the Christmas boxes down yet (rrrrr), I took a trip up to the attic and found the box with the goodies I found after the holidays and had safely packed away to be unveiled THIS year. It's like giving yourself a gift, opening the box to reveal the surprises that wait patiently all year to be adored!
She is a "Woof n Poof" product (they are made in nearby Chico, California but are carried in Nordstrom and other gift shops all across the country). This particular one has a music box inside her and when wound up she plays "Let it Snow" ever so sweetly. However, I DID NOT wind her up because Lindsay is home and I fear my little snow friend would end up with Cheese-it orange stuff all over her!!

I will see what else I can sneak in while I am supposed to be preparing for our trip!!


Kim said...

You crack me up...but in a good way. :-)

The Beaverette said...

Remind scrooge of your birthday grace. Grace to do what you want because its your birhtday!

Melissa said...

You made me laugh too! Very sneaky!

Denise said...

Cute Inger. I keep telling myself, "Today I'm gonna decorate for Christmas."

I want to get it done before the baby comes, but it just may not happen.

I like snowmen/people too!

Donna said...

haha! I can just imagine you sneaking up into the attic to look at your CHristmas stuff! FUnny.

I agree about opening the boxes of suprises. I bought so much stuff after the Christmas Clearance sales that when I've been opening up my boxes (yes, I've started the decorating!!!), it's so fun! I love seeing what I bought!