Friday, November 14, 2008

The Music Man Jr.

This year Anna decided to try out for her school's production of "The Music Man". She is always telling us that she is going to be famous one day and do special things for us all (like introduce Shae to the Jonas Brothers!). What a relief when she came bouncing into the car the afternoon the "cast list" was posted...and she TOWNSPERSON!!! Phew! This girl was floating! She was in 2 of the song productions, complete with choreography! (sooo cute!)The proud parents! I wonder if she will still claim us when she "is famous"!?
Grandma and Papa were impressed too!
It really was so well done, and it was at the fancy "Cascade Theater" downtown where all the artsy shows have their performances.
Great Job Redding Christian! Thanks for all the hard work!
(BTW, Lindsay did attend this event, but she was too stubborn to be in the picture, and Shae didn't get to use her ticket because her team keeps WINNING and advancing in the Volleyball playoffs! So she had practice...good thing she has her driver's license now! Next game on Tuesday...)

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