Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A New Driver in the House!!!

This is the girl that passed her driving test with a score of 100% today!!
This is the girl driving HERSELF to school (in her "schweet" inherited mini-van"!)

Bye, Shae!! How has this day come so fast? You were just my bald little baby yesterday!

This is the happy girl who drove herself home from school today...and is about to drive herself to her volleyball game so we don't have to get there sooo early! Yippee!!

This is what the new driver scored when she carrived safely home from her first solo! (Her sweet Dad thought of everything...flowers, starbucks giftcard, gas giftcard and Jamba Juice giftcard!) We are so proud of you, Shae! Congratulations! (and Yippee that you and Anna can go to school by yourselves tomorrow.....I think I will stay in my pajamas :)


Kim said...

Congrats Shae! I remember how exciting those days were in our house too! How sweet of Scott too...way to go dad!

Stacy said...

Yeah!!!! Inger, you are going to love your mornings! My kids tell me that since Maeghan got her license and drives the kids to school I have become a crafting hermit! Welcome to the club:)Congratulations Shae!

Rachel said...

Congrats to her!!!
I can't even begin to imagine my oldest driving yet. I better start though, it will be here in 5 SHORT years! Shae is beautiful, and I love that she was a baldy!!
I have always said, what we lack in hair we make up with in Hair accessories!
Both my girlies have been bald but the boys, you better believe they had hair. How unfair is that!

Bobbi said...

I just found your blog from another site! It's really cute! I'm from Ca. too. I'm from Humboldt. Congrats on your new driver in the house!

Denise said...

Is she really driving the minivan? Bless her heart, good for her. My older sister was the first driver in our family, and she had to drive an old blue station wagon for a year or two. That is worse--I think???

Sweet of her Daddy to give her all those nice treats!

Kristi said...

Oh, my goodness....get your prescription of Xanax filled immediately! I dread so much when my boys get their licenses. I will be hitting my knees like never before.

Momofgirls said...

Kristi..it is AWESOME!! She takes Anna to school and brings her home too...yippee!!! She takes herself to Target, practice, and to meet her friends! Do not fear!!!