Thursday, November 6, 2008

Big Game Tonight! Go Lions!

The Lady Lions had their last :( Home game on Tuesday night.
We had some great fans show up! Beckie brought the boys, Brad had to work, so this was no easy task alone!

Blue eyes was trying to figure it all out!

He had a good time playing with Grandma and Papa, and the noise didn't seem to bother him this time...he likes things calm and organized and quiet (he IS his mother's son!)

The hometown faithful fans.

This has been a fun season watching this little team bond with each other and be so successful even though there are only 7 of them. Most of our opponents had teams double our size! They are heading to a tough game tonight which will determine their psition in the league playoffs. We are praying for them to play hard, play well, and above all else, honor Jesus Christ tonight no matter the outcome!
(it will be a nail biter, and it is an away game, so Scott is going and I will stay home with the little girls..but I get regular text updates from him!)
Go Lady Lions!!!!


Denise said...

First of all CUTE babies! Are they your nephews?

Second I hope your daughters team plays/places well.

As far as the map and all those places popping the setting's part of your blog, do you allow search engines, like Google, to find your blog?

If yes, then people from anywhere, like Lima, can google something like "Big Game Tonight" and your blog could pop up.

This happens to me alot. I keep my blog open to search engines because it is really neat to see what people google to find out thing about a person or something that I have posted about.

I have actually wanted to do a post on "the things people google" but I am afraid it will freak some people in our blog circle out.

It is interesting the people within our blog circle that are PERSONALLY googled and my blog comes up, ie. Denise Ashley Reber Logan Florida is often googled. I won't mention any others so no one is freaked!

Do you have blog patrol on your blog? If so this will help explain a lot of what I just said.

If not go to and sign up and add it to your blog. It is free and actually shows you how many people view your blog each day, the IP address of the computer used to view your blog, how they got there (from another blog, or search engine, etc.) how many posts they viewed--needless to say, it is interesting!

I hope this helps. Have a good weekend!

Donna said...

Woah, Denise. Long comment!

Go Lady Lions! That's nice that your in-laws can come enjoy the games. I bet that makes Shae feel good. By the way, I just read the post on her driving. Hallmark has the cutest ornament this year for a first-time driver. When I saw it I was trying to think of someone I knew who turned 16 this year. It would be a good ornament for your driver!