Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve dinner wasn't the same at all with just the five of us..but we cooked some steaks and opened our annual matching jammies.
The girls wasted no time getting cozy.
Shae pulled out the Pioneer Woman Cookbook and whipped up a little something. She may be able to hook a man one day with her Mac 'n Cheese making skills!
Christmas morning was fun, and we didn't even have to get up at the crack of dawn...Anna woke everyone up around 7:30.
Scott got me a Deadliest Catch T shirt. He thinks I am a Deadliest Catch junkie. What~ev~er!
{I will admit that I have watched every single episode now that we have Netflix :) }
Lindsay absolutely loves everything she ever gets. She is so refreshingly thankful for every little thing. She flipped out over the Sid the Science Kid and his buddy Gabriella dolls that Shae gave her.
One of Anna's favorites was the Justice snuggie from Texas cousins, Cooper, Hannah and Jackson. She has also VERY MUCH enjoyed a gift that Hannah actually received...a cell phone! Lots of talking and texting for those cute cousins now!! {thank you Brian and Lisa for letting Hannah finally have a phone!!}
Lindsay's best gift by far was the new "block box" and PINK blocks her bigDaddyboy made for her!!
Christmas Day was spent coloring,playing with blocks, finding homes for new things, and organizing closets.
I was thrilled when Brad and Beckie offered to have Christmas dinner at their house! Scott cooked a de-lish Prime-rib, I made some rolls and a salad and we headed over to see those cute boys.
Lindsay LOVES to go to "Austin and Gavin's" house. We don't see them very often because we all have busy schedules but they live about 2 minutes away from us!
The absolute highlight for Lindsay was when Austin said, "Hey "Winds", can I sit on your "wap"?" He could never know what that really meant to her.
We ended the evening by singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and blowing out His candles :)

Our vacation was full of fun and friends! The Cardwell family came back through Redding on their way home to Orange County from Oregon and were able to come for dinner again!
How thankful we are for good friends.
Lots of Shae's friends were home from college so they stopped by for dinner too!
Here are the uh, mature, college kids posing for pictures on the computer!
And, lastly, there truly is HOPE that Shae truly will "snag a man" at Liberty when they catch wind of her cooking skills AND her sewing skills.....she fixed her own pants! WooHoo!!

We are truly blessed and humbly thankful for the blessings God has seen fit to bestow upon our family. What an honor to be called a "child of God"! Happy Birthday, Jesus!
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Julie said...

Enjoyed all your pictures about Christmas and your trip to SF. Love that city!! Sometimes when I look at pictures of Lindsay, I tear up because they are sooo precious!! P.S. As beautiful and sweet as Shae is, she will probably have guys lined up a mile long at Liberty when they get to know her!!!

Donna said...

What a fun Christmas! It looks like you all had a relaxing time around the house. I know you all loved having Shae home with you.

Roy Austin has that trash truck that your nephews have. He LOVES it and rips up paper to put inside of it! I am constantly cleaning it up:)

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing your family with us....I just can't seem to get enough. I would truely love to come visit you one day!