Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Making Progress

Shae took art during her senior year of high school just to fill her schedule. I really didn't expect much because she has never been a coloring or arts and crafts kind of girl. So, I was blown away when she brought home three really good pencil drawings of shoes!
I have had them in my closet waiting to be framed for so long. I checked on having them framed...ouch! That idea was quickly thrown out the window, I can't believe how much it costs to have something framed these days!
So, Michael's to the rescue! I got three frames, with mats, for $5.99 each!
Shae was so excited when she came in from a long, very busy Christmas Eve shift at Bath and Body Works to see her art hanging on her wall!

Poor little {third child} Anna has had NOTHING hanging over her bed. I waited and waited for TJMaxx to get more of the big wooden or wire letters to do her initials...but they haven't had those in forever and there was no way I was ordering them from Pottery Barn (now that I don't have a hook up with a discount!)
Pottery Barn kids had some precious framed pictures of vintage Barbies that we loved for $36.00. Uh, no thank you.
I was tickled pink when I was on a date with Scott to Costco (yep, that's how we roll on date nights, we even shared one of those the almond covered ice cream bars on our way out!) and I found a Barbie calendar with vintage Barbie pictures in it for the wonderful Costco price of $7.49. I put that baby into may cart faster than you could blink an eye!
I went to another one of my hot spots, Ross, and found three silver frames (that I debated painting white...should I?) for $6.99 each. Anna and I picked out the pictures of the Barbies who were wearing pink, cut them, put them in the frames and there you go! All three for the price of ONE at PBkids!
(we have some Barbie pictures in other colors left if anyone might need one, just let me know!)

My main goal and new catch phrase for 2011 is Simplify. I refuse to be a prisoner of my stuff. Good thing I married Mr. Organizer. He has been all too happy to "assist" me in shedding my excess "stuff" and organize what is left. It really does feel good to pass things on to people who may end up loving something that I no longer need.
Now, to shed some of myself... :)

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Donna said...

First of all, good job Shea on those shoe prints! They look great. I love the Barbie pictures, too! I like the silver frames. Looks more "vintage-y":)

Grace Meeker said...

WOW! 1) Shae's pictures turned out GREAT, 2) I'm the blogging machine?!?! ~LOL~ =), 3) definitely keep the frames for Anna's room silver they look great!!! =) Your so stinkin' crafty!!!

Julie said...

I vote to keep the frames silver!! It does feel good to simplify your life a little. But, don't let Scott talk you into simplifying too much!! :0)

Kim said...

I love finding great deals ands also seeing your great finds!

Dolly said...

Great job Inger! Love the barbie pictures and love how you put those together. I agree, I like the silver frames with them. I bet Anna loves them too. And I can't believe Shae drew those heels. Very good!

Jenn said...

Silver Frames for sure....If you dont have anyone already laying claim to the Vintage Barbie Pics...I would love to help you out with that.

Nikki said...

Love the pictures that Shea did. She is good.

I like Anna's frames in silver too. I wish I had some little girls in my house so I could snatch up the extra Babrbie prints.:(

I am with you 100% on the SIMPLIFY! I have been cleaning out every cabinet and closet since New Years. I am getting rid of so much and it feels SOOOO GOOD!