Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

After we spent our entire Christmas vacation at home (literally!) we decided to take a little New Year's Eve trip to one of our favorite cities... San Francisco!
{helpful hint...if you do not own a personal dvd player per child, it is WELL WORTH every.single.penny.amen.}
Miss Liberty University kept busy allbyherself in the back seat with her iPhone.
We got to town and headed over to the {sketchy} Bart station in Oakland to ride right into Union Square. {we didn't touch a thing, especially in the elevator that smelled like tee tee!!} It is the way to go for and you don't have to pay to park, let alone FIND a parking place on New Year's Eve!
Christmas money in hand, off we went to the beautifully decorated Nordstrom Centre at Union Square.
We walked amongst the fun crowd to take in all the sights.
We even "left our hearts in San Francisco" !
Union Square had the most magical light display. So "California".
I couldn't believe how cold it was getting, and poor Lindsay jsut could not get warm.
The girls wanted to try ice skating , so I tried my best to keep Lindsay warm and answer her one million questions as Scott was taking pictures of the hilarity of our girls on ice skates. It was a riot watching people cling to the sides of the rink and even funnier when they fell!
Anna did not enjoy it one single bit at the beginning. I thought she would take the skates off and quit but she kept at it.
Shae was a natural,
and Anna finally got it! We were so proud of her for NOT giving up!
She had a melt down as we waited for the IS very scary being underground with all the noise and wind the trains create {especially when you can't see very well}.
Somehow Daddy always makes things better.

The next day we drove to the Vacaville outlets. Oh mercy, they are gooooood ones! Coach, JCrew and Juicy Couture took all of our Christmas moolah, but everyone was happy with what they took home.
We made one more stop on the way back to Redding... Pinkberry frozen yogurt!
Lindsay was very satisfied with her selection. It was "written" all aver her face!

We look forward to what is ahead in 2011!

Happy New Year!
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Amy said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! Has Shae done much ice-skating at the LaHaye ice center?

Grace Meeker said...

I always enjoy your post(s) Inger!! =) We went to SF with Josh and Holly and had so much fun, just wish we could've spent more time there I always enjoy visiting that city!! =) Did Shae tell you I saw her in Bath and Body Works when we were in Redding?