Thursday, January 6, 2011

Save Your T-shirts!

Most of us have lots of t-shirts that we can't bear to get rid of because they hold so many memories for us.  Our friend and faithful camp cook/ babysitter/ house-sitter (among so many other things), Shannon, made this awesome quilt for Scott and me last year out of all the old shirts from our camp summers!  Isn't this the most wonderful idea?! {I don't know how she found so many from SO LONG ago!}
The last 3 summers we have been ordering pink shirts for the girls, so I have been saving those......hope she's up for another project soon! 

Shannon also hooked us up with a CASE of shampoo conditioner samples (perfect for the gym or for traveling) and a case of one time use moisturizer samples! 
I am so thankful for Shannon. She graduated from LU, so she was a big help when we were registering Shae for her classes.   She is so patient with me!  She is always willing to step in and keep our kids (like when we went to Lynchburg), or do anything for Scott at camp. Lindsay adores her.   She is my "computer tech department" and she had to come over every.single.time  I used my silhouette electronic cutting thing because I could NOT figure it out.  I HAVE learned to do it myself now, so I am sure she is happy! 



Julie said...

Love the quilt! The Junior Class (well Mrs. Borchers) is making a quilt from RCS t-shirts for the Auction in March. Each student donated two RCS t-shirts. In between the shirts is black, purple and white fabric. Should turn out nice.

Jessica said...

Neat quilt. I am doing the same with the boys baby clothes. You know the ones you always liked but really there is no reason to hang onto them yourself but so many memories.

Amy said...


Erin said...

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. It was so touching! Very heart felt and it meant a lot to me. You have a beautiful family and are clearly an amazing mother. Your three girls are so lucky to have you.

Happy organizing this year! :)

p.s. That is a beautiful quilt! What a fun idea.