Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine Blog~Swap Goodies from Hannah!

It's SWAP time~ Valentine's Style!
I got an exciting knock on my door on Saturday! My mailman delivered my Valentine Swap Package from Hannah!
My gifts were all tied into the acronym:
H~Heart pancake rings AND recipe for "Red Velvet Pancakes w/ cream cheese glaze"!
E~"Easy on the hands oven mitt" (and it's a cupcake! Helllooooo cuteness!)
A~Apron (it's reversible! Darling stripes on one side, darling cupcakes on the other!)
R~"Ring around the collar"necklace. (handmade and I AM going to copy this!!)
T~Towel (matches the oven mitt and apron...I almost don't want to use it, it's so cute!)

Along with my sweet goodies, AnnaPreston sent Lindsay and Anna some little goodies too!!
They were thrilled!!

Lindsay's gift came in handy this morning while she waited for everyone to be ready to leave for church!
Thank you so much, Hannah! What a fun gift, I love each and every item and it really couldn't be more "me"!

Go here to see everybody else's loot!
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Denise said...

Cute gift! SO valentiny! You will have to share the Pancake recipe! That sounds so GOOD. We are a big old pancake family! I love the apron too!

And those stamps---I've seen a few of those at our house~mostly stamped on little girls hands and faces. At least Lindsey is keeping those on paper!

Good job HPS!

HPS said...

I'm glad you like it, Inger. I reeaaaaallllly wanted to get "Never Enough Luff" monogrammed on that apron but I didn't know which side you would like best so I guess you can wear it on either side instead of just one side. I'll send you the necklace tutorial. You asked about it when I gave Donna hers and that's what we were talking about. That was included in the trial run so don't look tooo close but I thought that blue would bring out your beautiful baby blues!

CC said...

Love the cupcake them HPS! Nice job. :) And the necklace...oh you'll be sharing that tutorial.

Nikki said...

Love all the cupcake stuff. HPS was good to you. The apron and pot holder are adorable!

I agree with Denise and you definately need to share the recipe for the pancakes. :)

Kim said...

Super cute stuff! How fun!

Donna said...

Way to tie it all into a theme, HPS! Inger, that gift is you! Make those pancakes this coming Saturday and let us know what they are like. Sounds yummy!

Love the pic of Lindsay, too!!

Dolly said...

Good job HPS! Love all the items and the creativity. I especially love the pancake recipe and thanks for sharing on FB. I'll be trying this out for sure!

Happy Four said...

Very nice indeed! Jennifer will be getting her box from me today and did the letters for it!

Jennifer said...

Red velvet pancakes with cream cheese glaze...are you kidding me??? Oh my word, I have GOT to get that recipe!

Ok, I am totally digging the cupcake theme! Seriously, the apron and the mitt are absolutely adorable.

Great job, Hannah! I've just one thing to say to you...TOTES!