Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine's Day Decor Idea

One of my favorite blogs to read is Eighteen25. There are always fun ideas and beautiful pictures to look at. Right now (it is actually a few posts down) there is a link to download this darling print for FREE! Just go here and get one for yourself! I downloaded the brown, pink and red one, then uploaded (is that the right word?) to Costco and had an 8x10 print made. I am going to put it in a white frame later, but I wanted to hurry and share this idea, so you get what you get!
And just for a laugh...Anna and I spotted this hilarious pillow at Home Goods last weekend! I wish I would have splurged on it but my husband may have actually acted out the phrase!

Hope you are having a Happy Week!


Amy said...

Inger, let's definitely do just let me know when!! And wants to know if Scott knows Esther Morrison. Mom goes to prayer time at Esther's home each week & several of these older ladies were tickled to hear of the round-about connection that mom had with Gordon & Scott's family.

Melanie said...

thanks for commenting on my blog.
i love to read yours from time to time.
you are so creative.
miss seeing you at BSF.
it's been so good this year