Friday, February 5, 2010

Been Busy Around Here

I know I have neglected my blog lately, but the pace of life around here has been CRAZY!

Scott has been busy fixing broken pipes up at camp in preparation for the Jr. High group that is coming in this weekend, so the girls and I went to Anna's game by ourselves.
Beckie and the boys ended up coming which was fun because we haven't seen them much lately. Austin was as sweet as ever, kissing and hugging all of us, he climbed right up and sat next to Lindsay which thrilled her little heart!
Gavin was ready to GO IN the game! He kept his Mama running!
My little "baller" was on her toes tonight. It is so fun to see her gain confidence with each game. She grabs the ball and DRIBBLES with no problem. She is great at passing too!
I LOVE that she is not intimidated to shoot!

We have been deep into Anna's bedroom renovation for almost 2 weeks...Painting is a PAIN! She decided on the same color we used in the bathroom instead of pink, which looks so beautiful and grown up!
We found her this darling bed at Ikea and I have been dying to get everything done so I could see what it looks like. Pretty cute for $89, huh? (never mind that there was 1 piece missing and Scott had to build the middle rail under the box spring!) Scott tried crown moulding for the first time too. He did a beautiful job on it {and it was a lot of work without all the fancy tools}. Now that I know he has "skills" my To Do List is growing!
I found the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic lined pink silk drapes on clearance for $3.74 each at Tar-Jay and then that cute lamp became budget-able for $10. We had the Roxy comforter set (and it is actually upside down because we love the brown with white polka dot side!) It will do until we find another comforter.
I will take more detailed pictures over the weekend. It looks like such a big girl room!
Anna was so happy when she got home from school and everything was finished! She was growing weary of sleeping on the floor. She wrote Scott the most precious thank you note for "all the hard work and money he spent doing her room". Makes me wish it could have been over the top for her, she is so grateful and sweet!

I have also been immersed in closet clean outs!
By the time I am finished with them all, it will be time to start again! It feels so good to get rid of "stuff". Now if I can just not shop for more...

Shae has started the heart breaking "LU Countdown" She LOVES to draw tears from my eyes with her daily "Mom, 160 days until I MOVE to Lynchburg!" {BooHoo} Please let me enjoy the rest of your LAST year in High School!!
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Julie said...

I absolutely DREAD the day Hilary leaves home to go away to college. Sometimes I just wish we could keep them little forever, but I don't think I would like that either. I LOVE Anna's room!!! It turned out sooo nice!

Jen said...

Great new bed!
Your blogs so cute :) Found it from Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's!

Amy said...

I love Anna's room too. When you get done there feel free to come work on MY house next. Hee! Hee! And Oh My goodness on the coutdown! All I gotta say is I'm coming to say HI when y'all come to Lburg.....gotta meet the new college girl! ;-)

Kristi Smalley said...

Looking good, Inger...looking good!

Jennifer said...

Hi Inger! I'm catching up on blogging too...the story of my life. :) I love Anna's cute. And so sweet she wrote a thank you note to Scott.

Love all the homecoming pictures. That Shae is so beautiful and I know you're so proud. Well, the good news about her going to LU is that you'll get to come out East more often??? Glass half full?!? :)

Stefanie said...

Cute room! I see you still vacuum carpets all in one direction. I remember when that used to be a I'm lucky to get it done.