Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Papa!

Today is my father-in-law, Gordon Luff's birthday. What a wise and godly man he is. Shae has said many times that her Papa is the smartest man she knows! She has called him on numerous occasions to ask theological questions and get help with History. Lindsay calls him "a good man" and she is right! He has been working with kids since he was one himself. What a ministry he has had over the years. (we have had the privilege of serving with him for the last 20 years at camp!)
He was called into ministry when he was a child at camp while living in New York! Thank you, Jack Wyrtzen for showing this little boy the way to Christ! He has never strayed from his passionate calling and so many have come to Christ and have surrendered to full time ministry as a result of his godly counsel.
We took him to dinner last night at Nello's.
He was loved on by his 5 "local" grandchildren.
We ate yummy Italian food with lots of delicious bread.
Papa even had some help blowing out his candles. We are so lucky to have him in our lives. He is the most tender hearted man. If I ever get arrested or have a major catastrophe, he will be my first phone call. He has a way of making you think everything will be okay and talking you off the ledge! (I talked to him 11 years ago on the phone as I followed the ambulance carrying my baby, I will never forget his reassuring voice and words of comfort!)

Happy Birthday, Gordon!
I Love You!

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Julie said...

Who doesn't think Gordon Luff is a wonderful man of God? Reading this post made me miss my Dad sooo much! It's been 12 years since he passed away, and I still miss him so much. Cherish those times you have with Gordon and Dottie!

Momofgirls said...

I do, Julie! I really got lucky getting them in the deal with Scott!!!

Amy said...

Goodness,'re gonna make me cry! What a wonderful beautiful family you have! The love just shines on all your faces!

Christy said...

Happy B-day to Gordon--what a special man!!!