Thursday, February 11, 2010

Small Group Lunch

Before I had my children I imagined getting to do things like I was able to do today! I could not wait to drive on field trips, bake cupcakes and host parties for my kids.
Shae's "small group" from school came over for lunch today. She requested lasagna, salad and bread.... lots of bread! I made the salad and lasagna yesterday, so today all I had to do was clean the house, get the table ready and light the candles!
I did a Valentine's Day theme, I love love love Valentine's Day! This year when got my red and pink box down from the attic I was tickled pink to discover that I had purchased 15 pair of Valentine socks for 90% off last year!
Each girl got a little gift bag of socks and candy on her plate when she arrived!
They were starving when they got here, and they ate everything!
They talked and laughed while they ate. What sweet girls! I am so blessed that my girls are fortunate enough to go to a Christian school where they facilitate sharing in the small group atmosphere! Each small group is a mix of girls 9th-12th grade girls, so they can really share different stages of their lives with each other.
Dessert HAD to be CHOCOLATE!
Brownies and ice cream usually always hit the spot.
I enjoyed the afternoon with these precious girls very much! I can't wait until the next luncheon Shae volunteers me for!
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Jacquee said...

Do any ugly girls go to Redding Christian? =0) They're all so beautiful! Glad you enjoyed your luncheon. The table looked great! I loved the heart shaped brownies. Guess I know what Samantha and I will be making for dessert on Sunday. =0)

Rachel said...

How fun!!! I hope when my girls grow up they will want to do fun stuff like this. And you are such a good mom for playing hostess!!


Julie said...

How fun, Inger!!! I LOVE Valentine's Day, too. All that red and pink and hearts just do something for me. Lyle HATES small group because the boys never do anything or talk much. Maybe I should have his small group come over for lunch. HA HA I'm SOOOOOO not into hospitality!!

Amy said...

Wow....what fun & your decorations are always just so perfect! You have such a knack for that kind of thing!!

Sarah said...

i LOVE when my kid's choose good lovely for you to do this for them too!